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Rakuten TV Expands to 30 New Countries in Europe over Big Deals 16 March 2019

Rakuten TV, the Japanese VoD streaming service, expands its operation to 30 new countries in Europe, bringing the total count across the globe to 42. Despite having only 7 Million subscribers worldwide, Rakuten TV strives to take on the industry giants – Netflix and Amazon, within the next five years.

As 60% of online videos are streamed on smart-TVs, the company has signed partnership deals with big names specifically, Samsung, Hisense, Philips, and LG to embed a dedicated Rokuten TV button on the remotes.

Commenting on the announcement, Jacinto Roca – Founder & CEO, Rokuten TV said: “This is a major step that our company is undertaking within a plan of expansion which aims at making Rakuten TV the first choice of entertainment for smart TV owners. And Having a remote control button directly connecting to the platform aims at empowering users to access the best movies in the best quality just with one click, dramatically increasing our number of users.”

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