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Roku reveals key trends for Streaming Day 22 May 2017

Roku key trends

A survey by Roku was released to celebrate Streaming Day on 20 May that was based on finding who and what influences people most when it comes to deciding what to watch. Some of its findings were:

  • 56% of respondents felt that adverts suggesting television content was a major influencer for what they watched.
  • Millennial respondents between 18-34 were primarily influenced by adverts for programmes and movies (54%), closely followed by online news stories about shows (47%) and recommendations made on Facebook (46%). Twitter and Snapchat had comparatively lower influence on what people chose to watch with 29% and 20% respectively according to whom these channels influenced their decisions.
  • For UK respondents, 29% were more open to sharing recommendations on TV shows and movies (27%) than restaurants (10%) or travel (8%).
  • The study also revealed that nearly 43% of Brits trusted friends and only 17% would trust a partner for movie and TV recommendations.

Click here for the complete findings.

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