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Role of Mobile Phones in the Future of TV 23 June 2017

Video Streamers in US prefer Mobile devices

The traditional TV experience has undergone a great change with different ways people watch video content expanding across various devices, apps and websites. People are literally watching video content from anywhere and everywhere.

Core technologies like IP, consumer demand and newer innovations like AR/VR are responsible for this transformation.

It is estimated that a convergence of forces will work together over the next decade to change how people consume video content. The biggest influencer for this transformation to take place will likely be the smartphone.
One may wonder that watching full-length movies on a smaller device like a smartphone may not be convenient considering the screen size and the fact that video consumes too much data which may impact the video quality. Despite these doubts, people are consuming more video of all types on their phones. According to some studies, people check their phones more than 150 times each day (mainly for social media).

Hence it makes perfect sense that they would turn to smartphones to watch video. Improved screen resolutions are also a contributor to people watching more video on smartphones. Millennials would rather watch video on their mobile phones rather than devices connected to their TV’s according to a study published by Streaming Video Alliance. Read More

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