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Mobile & TV Apps

Fully Featured Mobile & TV Apps for your OTT TV Everywhere Platform

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Launch your White Labeled OTT Platform by selecting custom Apps for Mobile, Media Boxes, STBs and Smart TVs!

Muvi custom builds fully featured native apps for ecosystems like iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV (tvOS), Amazon Fire and Android TV which power most of the leading mobile, tablet, media boxes, STBs and Smart TV ecosystem allowing you to quickly launch your OTT TV Everywhere Platform, using Muvi in no time and at a fraction of a cost of custom development.

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  • Apps for Mobile & Tablets
  • Apps Media Boxes & STBs
  • Apps for Smart TVs
  • Custom built - Native Apps
  • White-Labeled

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Mobile Apps

Get fully featured iOS and Android Mobile Apps for your OTT Platform. Muvi custom builds these apps from the ground up for you and they are developed using the latest standards and technologies (e.g. Swift for iOS) which ensures your apps are always updated and meet the required standards of the stores. Muvi handles everything for you from designing, development, submission to updates and maintenance so you dont need to worry about anything. All mobile apps are native and carry your brand name and logo, they are also submitted to the respective app store using your developer account to ensure your users only see your brand name everywhere!

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Apps for Media Boxes

Take your OTT TV Platform's reach to the big screen, launch across media boxes like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Android TV instantly and at a fraction of cost of that of custom development! Muvi builds and deploys native apps for your OTT TV Platform allowing you to target a much wider audience beyond the reach of traditional mobile apps and provide a big screen experience to your viewers. Muvi will design, build, deploy, maintain and update these apps on your behalf on the respective stores allowing you to fully focus on your business and not worry about anything technical. All the apps are completely white labeled and will carry your logo and brand name, Muvi will also submit these apps to the respective app stores using your developer account to ensure your users only see your brand name everywhere!

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Apps for Smart TVs

Almost all new TVs being sold in the market today are Smart TVs and this means the future of television is going to be a connected one. Take your OTT TV Everywhere Platform to Smart TVs by selecting Muvi's Smart TV apps for your platform. Muvi custom builds native Smart TV apps for TVs running on OS like Android TV, WebOS, Tizen and HTML5 based Apps so you can launch your white labeled Smart TV apps instantly!

Moreover our iOS and Android Mobile Apps come in-build with casting and mirroring support that takes advantage of a Smart TV's screen mirroring feature, thus allowing a viewer to easily mirror or cast videos from your Mobile App to their Smart TVs in absence of a Smart TV app.

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