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Sky bets on plug-in stick to take on Netflix and Amazon Prime 30 January 2018

Amidst the intense war among OTT providers, Sky has launched a low-cost plug-in stick which will provide viewers an access to its content on any TV set. This is largely in order to counter the growing influence of Netflix and Amazon Prime in OTT industry.

Sky has come up with a smart stick for its Now TV streaming service that works in the same way as Amazon’s Fire TV stick by plugging into the back of any smart TV.

Sky is also launching a download service that would allow subscribers to watch shows on holiday with no internet or WiFi connection.

The service is aimed to provide a cheaper and more flexible way of watching Sky which is a continuation of the broadcaster’s drive to go beyond its traditional focus of signing up customers to long-term contracts for its satellite TV packages.

Gidon Katz, Managing Director, Now TV, quoted, “If you are away at a conference or work you can plug and play TV from a hotel room, although most people will use it on holiday. And by the summer holidays, people will be able to take Now TV away with them and not worry about data charges for films.”

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