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SPB Survey Highlights Importance Of Targeted Ads 18 September 2015

SPB TV Survey IBC 2015


SPB TV, a Swiss provider of OTT platforms, IPTV and mobile TV services, presented a large scale OTT survey at IBC this year, with bad news for non-targeted advertisements and findings that support trends of mobile devices running away with the majority of online video traffic.

Of the 60,000 respondents, 39% said they found ads used in online TV or video streaming services ‘Annoying’, which is unsurprising, however, 28% answered dramatically with ‘Very disturbing; won’t use the service’. Despite only 9% of viewers finding ads ‘Sometimes useful and interesting’, the report says this is a positive trend, with viewers starting to see ads as more useful and slightly less annoying.

SPB’s survey findings showed that 74% of respondents proposed letting viewers choose ads relevant to him or her, which could increase the efficacy of ads – highlighting that truly accurate targeting is the key to success. However, the credibility level of the currently existing targeting practices is low. The options to change the ads according to user demographics and to his or her behavior were equally unpopular – only 17% of people believe such techniques will increase the effectiveness of commercials.

Read the entire story here.

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