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Streaming Media Devices: The Race to Provide ‘Ultimate’ Media Experience 18 September 2015

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Dedicated streaming media devices increasingly threaten to replace the need for a costly smart TV as they have proven to provide a more portable and seamless media experience, at a cheaper cost. Smart TVs still have yet to provide a compelling and convincing media experience as a standalone connected media device despite being the next sought after TV purchase, granting dedicated streaming media devices a foot in the door. As more and more connected media devices are released to the market, success will come down to who gains customer loyalty to their ecosystem.

A recent study from the Connected Home UX (CHX) group at Strategy Analytics has explored consumer ownership, use and satisfaction of streaming media devices in the UK, USA and China. Loyalty to one ecosystem (such as Google, Apple or Amazon), especially true for the crowded dedicated streaming media device industry, has not come without an all-encompassing effort to provide value-added apps, OTT video services and features to improve the media experience. While media devices have the upper hand in being the cheapest option to have connected features and apps on a TV, they must take into consideration the ‘cord-cutters,’ ‘casual gamers,’ ‘productivity junkies’ and ‘devoted pay TV users,’ to provide all critical aspects vital to the media experience on the larger screen.

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