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Streaming services yet to meet user’s expectations: Survey

According to a survey, although streaming services are flying sky high with two-thirds of consumers using a streaming service – the number of consumers who subscribe to cable, there still are numerous areas where they have to improve upon. The major concern is the technical difficulty faced by 81% of customers who complain of delayed start and buffering problem.

While streaming services are loved by the audience for their unique content offerings, 63% of customers feel the streaming services must widen their content catalog. Streaming services who are following an ad-based model need to rework their strategy as 60% of consumers feel advertisements hamper their viewing experience. Also, 44% of consumers feel streaming companies must come up with a better content recommendation as only 10% of viewers watch either most or all of the shows and movies recommended to them.

The numbers above are like an alarm to the existing streaming services and the potential players as well. Potential players instead of rushing to launch their own SVOD platform, first they must strive hard to meet user’s expectation.  Also, they must diversify their content offerings for long-term success.


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