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Survey Claims Malaysians View Mobile Videos Primarily At Home 14 January 2016

Over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand (VOD) is on the rise worldwide, heralded by Netflix, which recently launched its service in 130 countries.

Of the features that define an OTT content player, a survey of 500 Malaysians revealed that they consider the top four to be: A smooth user interface (61 per cent), a buffer-free experience (58 per cent), high-definition video quality (56 per cent) and having the latest or fresh video content (54 per cent).

Besides the OTT video services preferences of Malaysian consumers, the survey also polled their video consumption habits and device preferences. Laptops and PCs were the go-to devices for Malaysians to view video content with 45 per cent of respondents choosing them. Smartphones (23 per cent), televisions (23 per cent) and tablets (9 per cent) followed behind. Half of all respondents stated that they view videos on laptops or PCs and smartphones daily.

The type of video content also influences the choice of viewing device. For short-form content with a run time of less than 10 minutes, 84 per cent of respondents opted for mobile devices. For long-form content, 93 per cent and 71 per cent of respondents opted for televisions and laptops respectively.

Source : E27

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