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Technological and Monetization Challenges – Live Streaming Summit 22 May 2017

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Sourced from an article authored by Nadine Krefetz where she looks at the technological and monetization challenges discussed at the Live Streaming Summit held at Streaming Media East, here’s a summary of the highlights of the event. The four panelists on the “Live Linear Challenge” panel at the Live Streaming Summit said they were happy when their streams were working, however, making them work wasn’t easy. Broadcast and digital have different workflows, metadata and acquisition issues, which is a technological reality of multi-platform delivery apart from the mental jump from broadcast to digital. Sports being broadcast on 24/7 satellite TV is archaic as more viewers move towards online viewing, however, Andre Vawdrey, Director, Partner Solutions, NBC Digital Sports Technology, pointed out some challenges for creating an online experience like broadcast like instability or unpredictability of online content acquisition as well as latency. So, for instance, if someone tweets that there was touchdown [before they see it onscreen] due to network latency then it’s a mood killer for viewers. To read more about the challenges and remedies for the shift from broadcast to digital please click here : Read More

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