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The Next TV Revolution Will be Multicultural & Mobile 12 October 2015

Multicultural Content and Mobile Next TV Revolution


In any kind of multicultural broadcast landscape, content remains the king. According to Nielsen, traditional TV still reigns as the most-used platform by all major audiences across the globe. But that reign may be coming to an end, and advertisers need to prepare for it in advance.

Personal computers and mobile devices are creating more opportunities for people to access content typically reserved by TV sets, especially among ethnic audiences. Hispanic, Asian and African-American audiences all show higher mobile and PC viewership than the general market. A sign of how mobile will decide the reach of a content among audiences more than a TV set.

Marketers eager to grow or strengthen their multicultural customer bases must determine this cultural shift to digital OTT platforms. The time has come to begin targeting audiences on non-traditional platforms. By utilizing a cohesive strategy that hits these viewers from all of their preferred viewing methods, advertisers can ensure they will navigate this shift in the best way possible.

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