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Third of Youth prefer Video On Demand Services 13 July 2016

The findings are from Ofcom’s Public Service Broadcasting Annual Report 2016, published today, which looks at how well the public service broadcasters – BBC, ITV, STV in Scotland, UTV in Northern Ireland, Channel 4, S4C in Wales and Channel 5 – delivered their public service remits during 2015.

The main five public service channels provided by PSBs reached 84 per cent of the TV population in a typical week, and accounted for 51 per cent of all broadcast TV viewing in 2015. This share is similar to the last three years, but represents a decline from ten years ago when PSBs held a 70 per cent share of viewing. When PSBs’ ‘portfolio’ channels – such as BBC Four, ITV2 or E4 – are included, their share of viewing was 71 per cent in 2015.

People under 25 are watching around a quarter less broadcast TV than in 2010, while the average viewing of those aged 55-64 has only declined by 5 per cent.

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