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TV Ads Migrating To Smartphones Now 20 November 2015

The ads you’ve always loved/hates on your TV screens is now making its way to your smartphone. This announcement of sorts comes from Millennial Media, the mobile advertising network bought recently by AOL.

In partnership with video measurement company Rentrak, it will allow advertisers to re-target audiences through their phones and based on the ads they have seen on TV or on an OTT TV platform. This venture is a result of the AOL acquisition and later, AOL’s own acquisition by Verizon for $4.4bn this year. A re-orientation of business strategy of targeting mobile devices for digital advertisement business is said to be in works.

The mobile advertising revenues in the US first two quarters of the year grew to $8.2bn, claiming 30 per cent of the entire digital ad spending budget. In 2014, online ad spend reached $49.5bn, compared with combined broadcast and cable ad revenues of $65.7bn. The company claims its new offering will help in integrating spendings across multiple screens.

Source : FT


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