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Verizon to introduce a new TV streaming service 30 May 2017

Verizon To Introduce New Streaming Service

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, recently confirmed that the company plans to launch an over-the-top TV streaming service later this year, possibly in July. Unlike its somewhat unpopular go90 streaming service that houses original content, Verizon’s upcoming service plans to offer viewers video streaming services with content like what’s offered a traditional cable package.

Using content from go90 to lure viewers by using it to differentiate the OTT TV streaming service from other services like DirecTV Now. Since compelling content is available with its go90 service, Verizon could use this content for its live TV offering since most of the content is unveiled. For availing this new OTT service, users don’t have to be existing Verizon customers. It is expected to be priced between $30-$40 although pricing is yet to be finalized. Read More

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