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Video streaming grows in the Middle East 10 March 2016

Video streaming and OTT services are increasing in the middle east. At Cabsat in Dubai, Eric Ellenbogen, the co-head of International TV and DreamWorks Classics, DreamWorks Animation, said, ‘Audiences want what they want, when they want it and on whichever device or platform they want it. If linear TV channels or content producers cannot provide ubiquitous content that is highly-adaptable and affordable, viewers will naturally find it elsewhere.’

The rise in sales of Smart TVs, video game consoles, OTT set top boxes and other streaming devices is a sign that the consumer is deeply interested in the modern age TV. He added ‘As international viewing habits change, consumers are watching more TV content than ever via subscription services, on demand and OTT products. Even in this on demand and anywhere, anytime environment, linear TV channels are still a relevant business. Studio distributors must empower their linear TV partners to monetise and be adaptive because although the development of new technologies is widely aiding content creation, the fundamental key to viewer engagement will always be storytelling.’



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