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YouTube and Facebook, close competitors in the Live Streaming space 04 July 2017

According to research data from Magid, almost 50% of all online consumers in the U.S watch a live stream every week.
Further, the research suggests, 48% watch live on Facebook and 44% watch live on YouTube.
Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat stand at 28%, 19% and 17% respectively.
Breaking news ranks highest in popularity in terms of category of live video, followed by videos from friends or family and then “how-to” videos.
12% watch live video several times a day, 11% watch once a day, 17% watch many times a week and 8% watch one video per week.
28% never watch live video online.

Magid further revealed reasons why people watch live video streams and the following were the findings:
25% felt that the topmost reason was that live streams let viewers feel on top of things (informed).
20% felt that they are part of an event
17% felt live video feels authentic. Read More

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