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Muvi Live enables you to live stream videos with ultra-low latency and also measure the performance of your streaming with valuable insights. Muvi Live’s analytics and reports enable content creators to identify and track streaming performance based on different metrics.

You can capture all audience actions and interactions, including your content performance, which in turn, helps you optimize the quality of your future live streams. Get to know what makes your audience engaged by assessing the drilled-down analytics reports of your live streams.


  • Monitor Stream Health
  • Interactive Dashboard for Analytics
  • Understand Your Viewers
  • Standard and Custom Reports

Monitor Stream Health

Monitor Stream Health

Muvi Live helps you identify the stream health of your live content. Monitor and track the performance of your live streams in real-time and get insights such as users’ attention span, drop-off rates, devices used, and buffering time. You can also filter the reports based on device, user location, browser, and more.

Monitor Stream Health
Interactive Dashboard for Analytics

Interactive Dashboard for Analytics

Interactive Dashboard for Analytics

Access all the high-level information in one place with the help of Muvi Live’s interactive analytics dashboard. This includes average watch time, user geography, audience growth and retention, revenue generated, top live streams, concurrent viewers, chat rate, and playbacks.

Understand Your Viewers

Understand Your Viewers

With accurate data from live streams, you can easily understand and listen to your viewers. Apart from the feedback that you get from your audience in the form of comments and tickets, assessing the live stream analytics will help you identify what your audience thinks of your content as a whole. In total, Muvi Live enables you to identify your audience’s pulse.

Understand your viewers
Standard and custom reports

Standard and Custom Reports

Standard and Custom Reports

Muvi Live offers multiple standard reports and also lets you generate custom reports. The standard reports include revenue, device, and user geography. In addition to these reports, you can also generate custom reports by selecting the parameters that you want to track, along with the custom date range.

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