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When live streaming content to a larger audience, on-time delivery with high quality becomes crucial. With Muvi Live's automatic live streaming encoder and transcoder, deliver live streams across devices and platforms efficiently. Encoding removes the unnecessary frames, to reduce the file size of the stream without compromising the quality. Transcoding takes the encoded stream and converts it into multiple resolutions, to ensure that your audience can watch your live stream uninterruptedly regardless of the bandwidth and devices.


  • Auto Encoding
  • Auto Transcoding
  • Adaptive Multi-bitrat

Auto Encoding

Auto Encoding

Muvi Live’s in-built live streaming encoder automatically converts your live streaming content into streamable digital format. The live stream from a streaming device or software gets compressed into a format that is easier to stream across devices and platforms.

Auto Encoding
Auto Transcoding

Auto Transcoding

Auto Transcoding

With Muvi Live’s in-built transcoding, the encoded live stream content gets converted automatically into a digital format with multiple resolutions ranging from 144p, 240, 360, 480, 640, 720, 1080, 2K, up to 4K. You can upload the live video feeds with HLS or RTMP URLs.

Adaptive Multi-bitrate

Adaptive Multi-bitrate

With adaptive multi-bitrate, Muvi Live lets you deliver a buffer-free viewing experience of your live stream to your audiences. It automatically converts the live stream with optimal video and sound qualities based on your audience's internet speed, devices, and platforms they are using. 

Adaptive Multi-bitrate

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