Stream from the Nearest Server

Deliver buffer-free livestream by broadcasting from the Nearest Server

Muvi Live enables you to choose the live streaming server nearest to your broadcast location. This ensures faster and secure delivery of buffer-free livestream from multiple cameras & platforms to devices across destinations.


  • Manage broadcast location from your CMS
  • Change broadcast server’s location
  • Get Streaming Server's Information
  • Uninterrupted Streaming Experience

Manage broadcast location from your CMS

Muvi Live makes it simpler to tune in from your nearest broadcast location. You can select the nearest broadcast location from the dropdown menu consisting location names from across the world in the Muvi Live CMS. Simply click on the Save button and you’re good to go!

detailed analytics for OTT platform
detailed analytics for OTT platform

Change broadcast server’s location

Muvi Live enables you to change the location of your broadcast server when it is “Not Active”. With Muvi Live you can edit a server’s location as well as verify the updated location.

Get Streaming Server's Information

With Muvi Live, you can always determine the streaming server locations which are currently active. All you have to do is click on “Stream Info'' that would result in a pop up mentioning the status and information about the streaming server.

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 Video analytics and Bandwidth Stats

Uninterrupted Streaming Experience

Muvi Live supports adaptive multi-bitrate streaming that helps you deliver buffer-free, auto-scalable streaming experience evening during peak hours. Broadcast high-quality, live international events from multiple cameras and platforms without any external support. With the support of Muvi Live’s powerful One Player, switch from audio to video or vice-versa at just one tap. Be it video or audio virtual event, your audience can switch to their preferred playback mode without missing a second of your live event.


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