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Muvi Live App allows you to instantly start streaming from your iOS and Android phones. Turn your phone into a professional camera with live streaming options.

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  • Live Stream From Your Mobile
  • Ready-made App
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Easy Monetization

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Live stream From Your Mobile Camera

Live Stream From Your Mobile Camera

Effortlessly broadcast live videos right from your mobile camera and go live in seconds without OBS hassles. Simply log in from your Muvi Live App, go live in seconds, monitor and analyze your live stream in real-time, and troubleshoot with our dedicated 24x7x365 Support.


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Stream From Your Mobile Camera

Broadcast Events with Ready-made App

Stay event-ready with Muvi Live app that lets you broadcast live events directly from your Android, iOS mobile phones. With all functionalities of Muvi Live, Muvi Live App completely eliminates the need for any additional setup like a professional camera, laptop, or an OBS. Once subscribed to Muvi Live, you can live stream any event on the frontend of your website or app.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

With Muvi Live app, broadcast your live event simultaneously on all social media platforms from your Android and iOS phones. Simply get the Embed link from your Muvi Live backend and share your live stream feeds on all social media handles for your audience.

Easy Monetization

Easy Monetization

Muvi Live supports monetization of all events that you broadcast through your Android and iOS phones via Muvi Live app. Create your livestream event using Muvi Live’s backend and integrate it with the HLS link generated when you go live from your phone. With the Muvi Live app, you can also use the Embed links of your live streamings for monetizing your broadcasts to your audience all across the world.

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