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Migration projects can be tricky! Data migration needs a well-established & seamless process. Not to Worry. Muvi Team is here to help you.

We have completed numerous migration projects where we have migrated the data from the custom data warehouse, cloud, and other online video platforms like Kaltura, Brightcove, Vimeo, and many more ready-to-deploy or custom-built OTT platforms

And above all, we do not charge a subscription fee* while migration, your subscription starts the day you Go Live

Migrate to Muvi


Contact Muvi at sales@muvi.com and let us know what platform you are looking to move out from.


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Different Migration Scenarios that we Support

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Migrate your Entire Platform


Migrate your Website, Mobile & TV Apps to Muvi. Muvi provides you with migration and import services that help you in a smooth and easy migration of your existing platform and content to Muvi. You can migrate from any platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Brightcove, Kaltura, IBM Cloud Video, or a custom service to Muvi.

Migrate your Entire Platform

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Migrate your Mobile & TV Apps keeping your Existing CMS


Just migrate your mobile and TV apps like iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, etc keeping your existing platform as is. Each app approximately takes 2-3 days to get up and running on the Muvi Platform. You can continue running your website on your existing platform without hassle.

Migrate your Mobile & TV Apps keeping your Existing CMS

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Migrate Muvi to your On-Premise Server


On-Premises content migration is something where Muvi will manage all the content metadata and artworks but video/audio would be served from customers’ own cloud storage via their own CDN. In this scenario, we don't migrate customers' assets (Video / Audio) from the source location. The customer would use his own CDN to deliver the content to Muvi Player.

Migrate Muvi to your On Premise Server


Want to raise a migration request? Contact us at sales@muvi.com or fill out the form at the bottom.

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Our Migration Process & Timeline


Our Migration Process & Timeline

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Step 1

Preparing the Data for Migration:

We will study your existing data format, location, and sensitivity. Once we have an understanding of the data, we define the scope of the data migration plan.

Step 2

Use Pre-built Import Tool or Prepare a Custom Script:

If the data falls under the default set of configurations the pre-built Muvi tool will be used. Else we create a custom script and it would be used as a tool for importing the data.

Step 3

Trial Data Migration: 

After identifying and preparing data for migration, we run a trial data transfer on a test database to validate that all configurations and settings are in order.

Step 4

Validating the Sample data:

Since this is critical data, as the process we request your in-house team to validate the data. We then alter scripts or configurations based on the feedback before the final migration.

Step 5

Final Migration & Testing: 

Once the migration is complete, we conduct unit, system, volume, and batch application tests to ensure all data migrated is correct, secure, and in the proper location.

Step 6

Extended Go Live Support: 

We support you till your platform is up and running smoothly on Muvi. We offer fix number of days where we support you for any ambiguities in data post-migration. 

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What all we Migrate


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Content Migration

Content Migration is the most important piece of the puzzle. When you decide to migrate, we migrate your audio/video content and its metadata. Your content is transcoded into multiple resolutions before it is safely stored in our database.  Migration can be done from On-Premise Server, Third Party Cloud, or from a Shared Server.


User Migration & Payments Information

Muvi supports all kinds of user migration from any system. In Muvi there are different types of users exist.

  • Registered: Users who have just created an account on the platform
  • Free User: User’s who have registered and got free access to everything on the platform.
  • Subscribed: Users who have subscribed to plans and the subscription is active
  • Cancellations: Users who have canceled their subscription
  • Deleted: Users who have been deleted/ removed from the platform
  • Parent User: Primary owner account
  • Child User: Secondary account or child accounts added by end-user when allowed by CMS admin

Migrating Subscribed Users
Muvi supports the migration of subscribed users with some prerequisites - Your existing plans & subscription need to be replicated on Muvi, and A re-authorization from all subscribed users might be needed, User database needs user subscription details with card authorization tokens and basic card information.

Payment Gateway Migration
We support ready migration with the below payment gateway vendors. Migrating from other Payment gateway vendors may incur additional time and effort based on integration support available from the vendor.

Stripe | Authorize.net



System configuration if matches the existing system can be replicated on Muvi. Your existing providers in such cases should provide the required support. Configurations include user settings, authentication, reporting & analytics.



HTML templates can be imported as is and can be edited with our HTML editor. Alternatively, your customers have an option to choose purpose-built templates from Muvi’s template store and edit them as per their requirements

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Why choose Muvi One to migrate your digital assets?

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Mobile & TV Apps

Muvi One enables you to launch your OTT apps for mobile and TV across 16+ ecosystems such as Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, VEWD TV, LG TV, Samsung Tizen, Chromecast, Airplay, Apple Watch, XBOX, Playstation, and Windows.

Multi DRM & Piracy Control

Muvi One protects video & audio content on your OTT platform against illegal usage and downloads. Muvi uses DRM formats such as Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay. 

Online Video Player

Customizable HTML5 Video Player that supports - Watermarking, the addition of brand logo, Cross-Device/Browser Compatibility, Subtitles, Picture in Picture, AVOD

Keep 100% Revenue

Get everything with Muvi One’s audio/video streaming platform without sharing a single $ of your earnings. All your monetization plans are directly linked to your bank account with no intervention from us whatsoever.

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