Muvi files Patent for Muvi Onyx: A Technology that provides Customized & Instant Preview of Mobile App in Near Real-Time

6H Legacy Ln, Halfmoon, Nov. 22, 2018 -- Muvi LLC, one of the world’s leading OTT platform provider, today announced the filing of a patent application which will address the blind spot customers go through when their app development is under process. The Patent application “A System for Providing Customized & Instant Preview of a Mobile Application in Near Real-Time” has been filed by the company at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Through the exclusive patent license agreement, Muvi will have the exclusive right to practice the invention.

The patent application aims at providing a system or precisely a nearly deployment quality mobile app that provides a customized and instant preview of the original mobile application that is in the development stage. Starting from the wireframing, the application development cycle proceeds through a string of processes such as design, layout, coding, manual testing, review, automation testing, etc. However, none of them give the owners the actual feel of the mobile application till the completion. Muvi Onyx bridges this gap and allows application owners to see and experience the entire workflow and process like an end-user.

Satya Prakash Dash, Director Android & TV Apps, Muvi, stated, “Users can make any changes to the Muvi CMS and get an instant preview on Onyx. With all the standard functions enabled, Muvi Onyx compiles and displays a production-quality preview of the original app to customers instantly. Customers can feel the UI, stream videos and audio, or make a purchase through Onyx just like an end user does on a real app."

The primary idea was to address the curiosity generated among customers between joining the Muvi platform to own their streaming app”, quotes Pragyan Priyadarshini, Chief Technology Officer, Muvi. “The USP of Muvi Onyx lies in its power to inform and empower customers at the same time. With the easy upload feature of the powerful Muvi CMS, customers can make as many numbers of changes to their CMS they want and see them in near real-time how their app would look like using Onyx. An invention that puts Muvi in a different league altogether.”

Known for its instantly deployable OTT platform and a bunch of enviable features such as Playout, Policy Engine, Visual Designer, etc. in its arsenal, according to sources, Muvi has already started rolling Muvi Onyx to its existing customers through its CMS and the initial response has been overwhelming.

Patent Details:

Application No. 16056599
Receipt Date: 07-Aug-2018
Applicant: Muvi

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