Muvi Minis

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Edge-to-Edge Portrait Player

The Minis will be played on an edge-to-edge video player, making the videos more lively and interactive. The edge-to-edge player will not have any controls on it, and the insta-scroll keeps the users sticking to the application.

Seamless Content Creation

With Muvi Minis, you don't need to be a technical expert to create compelling videos. You can trim, merge, and enhance your footage effortlessly and add filters, captions, and music to give your videos that extra flair and make them truly stand out.

Trim Video Based on Limit

You can also convert a long-duration video into a Mini by trimming the video portion. They can drag the sliders for video start and end duration to trim the video. Users can trim both videos uploaded and captured using the camera.

Upload Directly From the Phone

You can upload videos from the local mobile storage. All you need to do make sure is the video duration is within the limit that you set for the platform.


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Moderate Your Videos

As an administrator, you can enable video moderation for all the Minis your end-users are uploading, thus allowing all videos to have admin approval before they go live. You can check whether the videos are appropriate and reflect your platform.

Recommend Short Videos

Muvi Minis offers a smart recommendation engine that suggests personalized content to viewers. This feature keeps your audience engaged by offering relevant videos based on their viewing history and preferences, ensuring they never miss out on the content they love.

Create Quizzes in Minis

You can add quizzes to Minis! After finalizing the video and filling up the description, you can create a question with a number of options for the question and select the correct option. When your users watch the Minis, the question will appear after the playback, which drives more engagement.

Secure and Scalable Infrastructure

Your content is stored on a robust cloud infrastructure with built-in security measures to protect your videos from unauthorized access. As your user base grows, our platform effortlessly scales to accommodate the increasing demand.

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