Zoom Integration

Monetize your online meetings using Zoom integration

Add Meetings as a New Form of Content

Muvi One helps you to add, browse, search and monetize your sessions on Zoom and other online meeting solutions. Create online meetings as a form of content and allow your users to register and pay for these meetings from your website and mobile applications.

Integrate Multiple Online Meeting Platforms

Muvi One integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other meeting software through API and Webhooks, giving you the flexibility to create meetings directly via Muvi One’s platform. This seamless integration lets you manage your sessions from a single dashboard while giving attendees easy access to your meetings from your website’s frontend.

Multiple Inbuilt Monetization Methods

Monetize your online meetings to earn revenues from your sessions. You can charge your attendees using various monetization methods such as Pay per view, Subscription, and Pay per bundle. You can also offer promotional coupons and discounts to your users by creating unique and generic coupons using Muvi One’s built-in Coupon Code engine.


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Integrate Multiple Payment Gateways

Muvi One links your website and app to 25+ inbuilt payment gateways and 4+carrier billing providers. With Muvi One supporting multiple payment modes, enable your meeting attendees across the globe to make their payment transactions via preferred options. You can also choose to geo-restrict your online meetings behind a paywall and allow access to users from certain geographies.

Real-time Analytics

Track user engagement through real-time analytics. Generate detailed reports via Muvi One’s inbuilt analytical engine and find out more about your audience and their behavior.