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Empower Your Content With Muvi One’s Add-on Assets Feature! 03 February 2023

Muvi One Add On Assets


Irrespective of the kind of content you upload on your video streaming platform (eLearning, media & entertainment, health & fitness), there is always a scope for more! Along with the main content, you may want to upload additional content to support the primary content. 

The additional content can be in any form, starting from multiple trailers & teasers, Music Videos, BTS videos, Bloopers, or simply PDFs that complement the videos you have uploaded.

These add-on assets are very useful when it comes to downloading lyrics of songs, getting to know exercises or yoga postures in detail, or even recipes for cooking. A short descriptive guide in the form of audio, video, or PDF can help users to understand the content better.

With Muvi One’s Add-On Media Assets feature, you can upload these additional assets very easily with your primary content. We support add-on assets in multiple formats, including video, audio, and pdf files. And, you can add unlimited add-on assets along with your primary content simultaneously. You can even view, edit and add additional add-on content later, whenever needed, from our asset library.

The Add-On Media Asset feature is divided into two different formats, depending on your platform type:

  • Add-On Assets for Audio/Video Streaming Platforms
  • Add-On Assets for E-Learning Platforms

In this blog, we will discuss the major characteristics of this feature for both formats, discuss the advantages of this feature, and will take you on a quick ride of our assets library and content upload form. So, let’s begin!


Add-On Assets for Audio/Video Streaming Platform

Muvi One allows it’s audio/video streaming customers to add multiple assets to their video and audio content. This content can be added either while uploading the main content, or anytime later. In fact, you can reuse the add-on assets as they get stored in the add-on library.

Let’s take you through the major features of Muvi One’s Add-On Assets Module


Major Features

Specially designed with a user-friendly approach, Muvi One’s Add-on Assets module lets you add multiple assets in multiple formats with separate metadata for each of them. 


Add Multiple Assets At A Time

You can add more than one asset at a time. You can choose the exact number of assets that you want to add with any content, decide their category and format, and then upload them simultaneously at a single time. 

And if you feel that more assets are needed, you can add them later too, from the content editing page. 


Multiple File Formats Supported

You can upload videos, audio files, and even PDFs as add-on assets. Muvi supports multiple file formats so that you can enjoy more flexibility while choosing your add-on assets. 

The following file formats are supported.

For video content: mp4, wmv, mov, flv, vob, m4v, mkv, avi, 3gp, mpg, mxf

For audio content: mp3, wav, aac, aiff, m4a, m4b, m4p, dvf, raw, wma, webm, flac, ogg, mpeg

For documents: pdf


Separate Metadata For Add-On Assets

We know that your users can separately search for your add-on content. That is why we allow you to add separate metadata for each add-on content. You can add separate label names for your add-on content which will help in enhanced visibility and search appearance of your add-on assets. 


Customize Their Appearance On the Storefront Using VD

You can decide how your add-on assets will appear in your frontend. Decide where they will be placed and how they will appear on top of your user’s screen. Use Muvi One Visual Designer for additional customization on the look and feel of your add-on assets. 



Smart TV ecosystem


Advantages of Muvi One’s Add-On Assets for Audio/Video Streaming

Add-on assets have multiple benefits for audio and video streaming businesses. Let’s take you through some of them.


Add Multiple Teasers and Trailers

Using add-on assets, you can add multiple teasers and trailers for your video content. Add teasers and trailers one by one after certain intervals of time, to build up for the mega release. 


Add BTS Videos for Content

Behind The Scenes videos bring a special sense of togetherness to your users. You can add as many Behind The Scenes videos as you want, showing the different aspects like the places where your team traveled while making the videos, your technical team members, success parties, special interviews, celebrations, and a lot more!


Add Lyrics for Songs

Many people want to hum around while watching music videos, and that is why adding lyrics docs with such videos is always helpful. 


Add Recipes

While watching cooking videos, almost all of us like to keep a note of the ingredients and cooking process. So, why not make the task simpler for your viewers, by adding recipes in a Pdf doc, which they can view and download? 


Describe Yoga Poses in PDF format 

For Yoga videos too, having a PDF file with all the yoga poses really helps. Your users can use the PDF for self-practice in the future. 




Add-On Assets for E-Learning Platform

When it comes to eLearning, the video lecture is only one part of it. There are assessments, chapter notes, lecture summaries, and additional study materials that complete the entire eLearning process. 

With Muvi One’s eLearning module, you can have all of them. We have developed special sets of Add-on assets that supplement all your eLearning needs. Let’s take you through some of its major features. 


Major Features

With Add-on Assets in Muvi One’s eLearning module, you can add multiple assets like lecture notes, assignments, and study materials along with your main course content, hence offering more value to your customers.          


Add Multiple Assets At A Time

Just like audio/video platforms, our eLearning module lets you add multiple assets at a time too. Right at the time of releasing the original video lessons, you can add multiple add-on assets. You can add more assets at a later stage too!


Multiple File Formats Supported

We support multiple file formats for add-on assets in our eLearning module too. The following file formats are supported:

For video content: mp4, wmv, mov, flv, vob, m4v, mkv, avi, 3gp, mpg, mxf

For audio content: mp3, wav, aac, aiff, m4a, m4b, m4p, dvf, raw, wma, webm, flac, ogg, mpeg

For documents: pdf


Configure the sequence of add-on assets from the course configuration panel

From the course configuration panel, you can configure the sequence of your add-on assets, and decide which one will come after another. This sequential distribution of your add-on assets will help your students in finding the most important content faster. 


Add add-on files for all levels of content

An eLearning course usually consists of multiple levels of content. You can have multiple subjects under one course, and multiple chapters under one subject. Understanding your necessity, Muvi One allows you to add additional assets for all levels of content. In means, you can add assets for courses, subjects, chapters, and all other levels present. 


Advantages of Add-On Assets for Muvi One’s eLearning Platform

Muvi One’s add-on assets let you add additional resources for your learners, which help them in gaining more knowledge and more value from your platform, hence increasing your platform ratings and popularity. 


Add notes and slides for every video

You can add notes and slides in PDF format for every video you upload on your platform. You can use this feature to add lecture notes, additional points, or the slide that you presented during the class for your student’s reference.  


Add question papers and assignments

You can add question papers and assignments with each lecture video so that your students can check their understanding after listening to the lecture. 


Add additional resources and advanced lecture videos as add-ons

Sometimes, you may not include some topics in the main lecture, but your students might be interested in them. So, you can attach additional resources and videos with your main lecture videos, which will cover the additional topics. 


Add chapter notes

Chapter notes are very important for students. You can add them very easily with every chapter as an add-on asset. It will help your students revise the chapter notes whenever they need or want to. 


A Quick Ride to Our Assets Library and Content Upload Form

At Muvi One, we have taken every step to make sure that you reap maximum benefits from the add-on assets. That is why we have a dedicated asset library, where every add-on asset gets saved as soon as you upload them into your CMS. You can use these add-on assets later for multiple purposes, you can download them too, in case you need them offline! 

You can even edit them, and add subtitles to them from the asset library. Let’s take a quick visual tour of our asset library. 



Now, you must be wondering how you can upload the add-on assets. Well, you can upload them very easily from the content form, as shown in the video given below. 



You can upload the add-on assets separately from the asset library too, as shown in the video given below. You can then link those assets with multiple videos and audio content. 




Add More Value To Your Content With Muvi One’s Add-On Assets

With Muvi One’s Add-on Assets, you can offer more value and more content to your users, hence increasing user satisfaction. Also, they increase user engagement with your platform and increase the time spent by your users on your platform. 

Apart from add-on assets, Muvi One also lets you design unique and beautiful streaming platforms without writing a single line of code, using our Visual Designer. Using Muvi One, you can develop a very secure streaming platform, backed by our studio-approved DRM. Our multi-CDN architecture will help you deliver a buffer-free streaming experience to your users. Try it out yourself! Sign up to start your 14-day free trial today!



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Debarpita Banerjee
Debarpita is a Content Writer with Muvi. With around 2 years of experience in content creation, she has worked across industries like SaaS, EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR, and Metaverse. She believes in delivering content that can be of some value to the readers. In her free time, she likes to try her hand at website and app development.

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