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Manage device authentication and login.

Soumya Sekhar Published on : 12 September 2017

Being able to manage user device authentication is one means of enhancing your platform’s security standards. As a platform provider, it’s good to be in control of who accesses your platform, and via how many devices. Muvi is therefore happy to introduce the device management” feature. This feature allows you to specify key parameters relating to platform access via mobile & TV devices.


You have the option to set up device subscriptions, login, and login duration using the “Device Management” feature.

Fig. 1: Device management – Menu


Device Management: This feature lets you place a limit on the number of devices that can be used by a single user to access your platform. You can restrict the number of mobile or TV devices on which your users can login. With this feature, Muvi platform will recognize and authenticate only as many devices as you specify.


Let’s say, you have specified a limit of 2 devices under a plan. So a user can register & login using 2 devices at the same time using their credential. However, when they attempt to login via the 3rd device, it will be forbidden, and a warning will be issued. To be able to login via this new device, the user will first have to login via the website, remove any of the registered devices from the list, and then make an attempt.


Device duration: In case you want to regulate usage among your consumers’ friends and family, this option shall come in handy. Using this feature, you can set “device delete duration” at certain minute(s).


This setting can be applied on the second or third device registered with one subscriber. After the specified duration post login, the device will be automatically deleted from the list.

Fig. 2: A representation of how to monitor device login.


Device Login: In addition to monitoring the number of device registrations, this feature also lets you restrict the number of simultaneous streaming devices used to access your platform. You can place a cap on the number of devices that can login and streaming using the same credentials at the same time.


For example, you can set a limit to the number of devices on a plan to 4, and a user may register and login via 4 devices at any given point in time. Howe, er if you set “restrict simultaneous streaming devices” to 3, a user can only stream on 3 out of 4 devices at the same time.


This is an additional security option for restricting consumption through laptops, desktops, as well as handheld devices.

Fig. 3: An Illustration of how to restrict simultaneous streaming.


Visit the Muvi Help document, and find steps to enable and operate this feature.

The “device management” feature is not only going to empower the platform owners, but also the end users. This feature will enhance your platform’s security by preventing unauthorized consumption of your content.


Start your online streaming service instantly. Muvi facilitates end-to-end OTT platform that includes IT Infrastructure, a responsive CMS, site deployment, content distribution, and monetization in a secure environment. So, business owners can focus on creating and acquiring quality content, and sell them online with ease.

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Written by: Soumya Sekhar

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