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Muvi Studio’s Partner Portal Announced – Set new horizons in content partnerships! 05 February 2016

Muvi Partner Portal

Muvi is happy to announce the launch of our Partner Portal that allows a platform owner the ability to add video content from multiple partners, sources, content creators and distributors and provide them with an ability to track and monitor how their videos are performing on the platform in real time.

As a platform owner, we understand the need to expand and increase your content library with new video contents on a regular basis. We believe one of the best ways to do that is to bring in new partners. We understand that as the number of partners increase, the ability to track and send reports to them individually on a regular basis is a cumbersomely manual task.

With the launch of our partner portal, platform owners can now simply create new partner accounts, assign any existing content to the partners, send them an invitation to login and check the usage & consumption in real time.

What’s more is that the entire partner portal is white labelled to run on your own domain, allowing you to maintain your brand identity across your network!

What’s even more is that Muvi has decided to offer the partner portal free of cost to all our customers!

So go ahead and login to your accounts to activate the partner portal today.

Click here if you need any help in understanding more about our Partner Portal.

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