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Sell Online Video/Audio Content With Muvi’s SVOD Model

Ishita Banik Published on : 18 July 2022
SVOD model


With the video and audio streaming industry rapidly growing – monetizing video/audio content has emerged as a lucrative business idea for many. With Muvi, you can easily monetize your audio/video platform through a subscription based or SVOD model. Not only can you set up recurring payments and charge your customers monthly, quarterly, or annually, but you can get unlimited facilities as discussed below.


Key Highlights of Muvi’s SVOD Model

Muvi’s SVOD model feature offers a lot of competitive solutions. Let’s walk you through the top ones.

1. Create Custom Plans

With Muvi’s SVOD model, you can create custom plans to charge your end-users monthly, quarterly, annually, or bi-annually as per your business requirements. Also, this solution offers enough flexibility to let you choose whether you are including your full audio/video library under a subscription plan, or just a part of it.

Use Case

Hawkins, a Muvi customer and an OTT platform owner, wants to offer both monthly and annual subscription plans to his end users. He can do it easily by creating custom plans through a few button clicks.

2. Automated Recurring Payments

This feature by Muvi also comes with an auto-renewal solution, where you can set up recurring payment options at the fixed time intervals for your end users. This solution thus gives not only timely reminders for blocked or inactive payment methods, but also charges back the card within a week if the card limit is surpassed on the date of renewal.

Use Case

Nancy is a OTT platform owner and she wants to set up automated recurring payments for hassle-free payment processing. Being a Muvi customer, she can easily do it through a few button clicks.

3. Multi-Currency & Multi-Payment Gateway Support

Muvi’s SVOD feature is equipped with multi-currency and multi-payment gateway support to ease your task of offering your global customers a range of payment as well as payment gateway options. From USD to Yen, or any other, you can set up as many currency options as you want. Also, you can set up multiple payment gateway options, and even add, delete, or modify them as per your requirements.

Use Case

Cooper is scaling up his OTT business and for his global customers, he wants to offer multiple currency and payment gateway options. Being a Muvi customer, it will be just a matter of a few minutes for him.

4. No Revenue Sharing

Muvi offers this exclusive perk to its customers, where they get the complete revenue earned from their video/audio streaming business. This helps make your business even more profitable.

Use Case

Stephens has recently launched his OTT platform with Muvi. This feature of Muvi’s SVOD model will allow him to have complete revenue from his business without sharing anything.

5. Sell Subscription Bundles

Muvi customers can leverage the facility of selling subscription bundles where they can offer a group of content under a subscription bundle plan instead of offering the full audio/video library. This will help the viewers watch various content without paying a lot while increasing your sales significantly.

Use Case

Muvi customer Ruban wants to offer multiple subscription bundle plans to his end users. All he needs to do is log in to Muvi dashboard and follow a few simple steps.

6. Auto-payment Reminder

Muvi’s auto-payment reminder solution lets you set up automatic payment for your end users so that they can get an automatic reminder to pay whenever certain conditions are met such as, a few days before the due date, after crossing the due date, card blockage, and others.

Use Case

David, an OTT platform owner, wants to set up auto-payment reminders in the cases of card blockage. Being a Muvi customer, he can easily set it up through a few button clicks, without writing a single line of code.

7. Create Private Subscription Plans

Muvi lets you create private subscription plans to cater to your end users’ requirements more effectively. The process of creating a private subscription plan is similar to creating a normal subscription plan, you just have to set the visibility to private.

Use Case

Muvi customer Jeromie wants to offer private subscription plans to the viewers of her OTT platform. She can easily set it up after logging in to Muvi dashboard.


Not limited to these solutions, Muvi’s SVOD feature offers even more. Check out our SVOD Feature Page to know more. If you are yet to stream with Muvi, take a 14-day free trial today (no credit card required).

Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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