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Unleash the Power of Online Video Player with Muvi

Ishita Banik Published on : 14 July 2022
Online video player


Muvi customers can leverage the potential of an HTML5 based video player that is highly customizable and is equipped with a lot of competitive features such as responsive design, subtitles, skinnable interface, and dual audio, to name a few. Also, it supports multiple revenue options such as AVOD, TVOD, and SVOD. Let’s see what this online video player of Muvi has to offer.


A Sneak Peek into Muvi’s Online Video Player

Muvi’s online video player (OVP) is equipped with a broad range of industry-grade solutions that can take your video streaming business into a whole new level. Let’s have a glimpse of its top solutions.

1. Add Your Own Brand Logo & Watermark

Muvi’s customizable OVP lets you easily add your brand logo to your videos which helps you create an impactful brand presence to your target audience. Also, you can add dynamic watermarks on your videos such as viewers’ email address, customer ID, IP address, and others to prevent unauthenticated sharing and access to your video content.

Use Case

David, an OTT platform owner, wants to add dynamic watermarks to his video content to prevent unauthorized access. Being a Muvi customer, he can easily do it through its customizable OVP through a few button clicks.

2. Resume Playback & Playback Speed Control

Muvi’s OVP is equipped with this easy solution that lets you offer your viewers a resume playback facility so that they can pause and resume watching any video as per their convenience. Also, you can let your end users control the playback speed as per their preferences.

Use Case

Ronald is owning an OTT platform and he wants to give better control to his end users by letting them control the playback speed. Being a Muvi customer, he can easily do it through a few simple-to-follow steps.

3. Subtitle Support

Muvi’s OVP offers you a compact solution to add subtitles in your videos so that the viewers who speak different languages can also watch and understand your videos without any difficulties. Such multi-language subtitle support is not only available both online and offline, but can also be customized in terms of size, color, font, and others.

Use Case

Muvi customer Eva wants to add multilingual subtitles to the videos of her OTT platform. All she needs to do is log in to Muvi dashboard and add subtitles through a few easy steps.

4. Picture in Picture (PIP) Support

The online video player of Muvi lets your viewers watch video content in a floating window through its PIP support. As a result, the end users can watch videos while multitasking. As the whole video screen turns into a floating window, the viewers can easily pin it anywhere – on the top or corner of their screen, app, or web page.

Use Case

Justin, a Muvi customer, is running an OTT platform. He wants to offer PIP support to his end users. With this solution of Muvi’s OVP, he can do it by default.

5. Cross Device & Cross Browser Compatibility

One of the top advantages of Muvi’s online video player is – it ensures high compatibility with various devices and browsers to offer a seamless streaming experience to your audience. The OVP being auto-scalable can easily fit any screen size – be it smart mobiles or smart TVs. Also, the viewers can enjoy quality streaming from any browser without needing to install any plug-ins.

Use Case

Anthonnie, an OTT platform owner, wants to ensure a seamless streaming experience for all his audience, irrespective of their devices and browsers. Being a Muvi customer, he won’t need to do anything at all as Muvi’s OVP will completely take care of it.

6. Embed Player

The HTML5 based online video player of Muvi enables you to easily share your videos on any third party website, media, or platform, by embedding the video links. Not only it offers easy-to-embed code options but also ensures that there is no unauthorized access or sharing of such embed codes.

Use Case

Jeromie, a Muvi customer, wants to share some of the OTT video trailers on her social media. She can do it just through a few button clicks after logging in to Muvi dashboard.

7. Buffer Duration

This is one of the unique solutions offered by Muvi’s OVP that allows your end users to have an idea of the available buffer during the playback of any video. The users simply need to hover on the progress/seek bar and it will show them the exact played duration as well as the buffered duration. This will also help them take the necessary actions such as switching to a lower resolution, taking a pause, and others.

Use Case

Emily, an OTT platform owner, wants to offer a transparent idea about buffering to her end users. Being a Muvi customer, she can ensure it with this in-built solution.

8. VAST & VPAID Tag to Support AVOD

Muvi’s OVP is not only highly customizable to offer you a lot of enterprise-grade advantages, but also includes the top-notch features like VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and VPAID (Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition) compatibility. This helps in offering a compact support for AVOD monetization.

Use Case

James wants to get the facility of AVOD monetization for his OTT business. Being a Muvi customer, he can get complete support for that without taking any additional overheads.

9. Gesture Controllable Online Video Player

The advanced video player of Muvi comes with gesture controllable features that includes multiple user-friendly solutions such as touch-optimized interface, functionalities and mobile friendly interface, to name a few. This improves your customer experience by manyfold.

Use Case

Adlof, the owner of an OTT platform and a Muvi customer, wants to offer touch-optimized interface to his end users. This solution of Muvi’s video player will let him do that without needing to follow any complex procedure.

Not limited to the above solutions, Muvi’s online video player has even more to offer. Check out our Online Video Player Feature Page for a better understanding. If you are yet to try Muvi, take a 14-day free trial today (no credit card needed).

Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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