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Studio Approved DRM

Hollywood’s Stamp of Approval

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Muvi provides for an extra layer of protection to your video content by giving you an option to go in for a “Studio Approved DRM” that protects illegal download or usage of digital content and encrypts it all the way to the end user and monitors and fends off any and all attempts by any external forces to intercept the video stream and download it. With a Studio Approved DRM, content owners can easily syndicate content from Hollywood Studios and other major distribution and content providers confidently and stream it to their viewers without any issues, worries or hassles of piracy and hacks.

Muvi’s Studio Approved DRM not only protects the content during streaming, but also has provisions to protect the content in event of in-app purchases and in-app downloads.

With a Studio Approved DRM you can be rest assured, that the pirates will be always kept at bay from your platform.

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  • Studio Approved DRM
  • Multi-Format & Multi-Device Compatible
  • Protecting Digital content
  • Offline Viewing Protection
  • Regulate Offline Viewing
  • Encryption
  • Multiple DRM Options

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Multi-Format & Multi-Device Compatible

Muvi’s Studio Approved DRM, supports all media formats and codecs maintained by iOS, Android, and Silverlight technologies ensuring your audience is not left out, not only that it also supports all devices like mobiles, laptops, consoles, connectedTVs and other media consumption devices ensuring no matter what device, OS or codec your viewer might be using, your content stays protected and can be delivered to them.


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Online Piracy has affected many content owners across the industry and still reflects in the losses of revenue. Our Studio Approved DRM specializes in encryption of audio and video digital content ensuring no access to content or files without approved licenses.

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Offline Viewing

With Muvi Approved DRM, we ensure that your content is not only protected online but offline as well. Our Encryption formats the content into different parts ensuring that the complete content is never accessible in one file with the option to pick from multiple resolutions. The need for Content Unique Key and Licence Key enables Offline protection even after downloading the content.

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Regulate Offline Viewing

Platform owners can now control the validity of a download-to-own content. You can set expiry date to video content on users’ devices when it is downloaded for “offline viewing”. This control ensures that a video is not indefinitely stored onto a user’s device and it must get automatically deleted after a certain “watch period”.

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Multiple DRM Options

Standard DRM’s uses token mechanism to protect illegal download of content using browser plugins. Our Studio Approved DRM supports multiple DRM Service options ensuring protection of content when accessed in any form. We support all Industry-Standard DRM services such as Widevine and Playready, raising the level anti-piracy measures.


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All Services

Muvi’s Studio Approved DRM is flexible enough to support most popular services, from live streaming and catch-up TV, to music subscription and in-flight and in-vehicle entertainment setups. This ensures your peace of mind and gives you immense flexibility in terms of your operations

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Mobile DRM for Apps

With multiple screen ability comes the fear of securing content over multiple devices. With our Studio Approved DRM, you can now safeguard your content from illegal downloads and piracy by enabling DRM across Mobile Apps.


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All Browsers Supported

Muvi’s Studio Approved DRM is flexible enough to support leading browsers from the industry, ensuring protection of content when accessed in any form. With built-in DRM in the browser that plays nicely with the HTML5 standard means users can watch their videos without having to think about plug-ins and the security issues that come with them.

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