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Immersive Futures: A Glimpse into Apple Vision Pro and the Next Wave of Computing 29 January 2024

Apple Vision Pro was announced last year and took the world by storm. We were used to AR/VR but the visuals from Apple’s first spatial computer promise to up the game and revolutionize how we visually interact with the devices. … Continue reading

Create Apple Vision Pro App Using Muvi One In Minutes 29 November 2023

Apple Vision Pro, the revolutionary mixed-reality headset developed by Apple, is set to be released early next year. As we are not many days away from its grand launch, it’s time to brace ourselves for what is about to come.  … Continue reading

Launch Your Streaming App on Apple Vision Pro 17 October 2023

Apple is going to launch its next-gen mixed reality headset “Apple Vision Pro” early next year. Apple Vision Pro is going to change the way people stream content forever. And for streaming businesses, it will prove to be a great … Continue reading

Apple Vision Pro – What it Means for the Streaming Industry? 19 July 2023

Apple and streaming have always had a bittersweet relationship. The tech giant introduced the first generation of Apple TV, Apple’s only successful streaming device to date, back in 2007. After the success of this magic box, Apple enhanced its streaming … Continue reading