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Apple Vision Pro – What it Means for the Streaming Industry? 19 July 2023

Apple and streaming have always had a bittersweet relationship. The tech giant introduced the first generation of Apple TV, Apple’s only successful streaming device to date, back in 2007. After the success of this magic box, Apple enhanced its streaming … Continue reading

Apple Vision Pro – What It Is And How It Works? 14 June 2023

When we were a bit younger, some of us used to watch fantasy movies, where people would wear special glasses that let you navigate through the digital files and data anywhere in your room – over the walls, in your … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Video app now available on Apple TV 11 December 2017

According to a recent announcement, Amazon and Apple have partnered to bring the Amazon Prime Video app to Apple TV in more than 100 countries. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook had earlier revealed plans to include Amazon’s streaming service on … Continue reading

Apple TV brings A Unified Approach to Watching TV 28 October 2016

Apple Aims to Simplify Streaming with a unified “TV” App Arriving through a software update in December, Apple’s new “TV” app is an amazing thing for streamers in the US. Yes, it is named as “TV” and it works in … Continue reading