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How Improved CDN Helps Meet Surging OTT Demand? 25 November 2022

  Content Delivery Networks are servers that are distributed geographically, and function together to serve your viewers faster and with reduced buffering. If you do not use a CDN, the viewers located across the globe will receive the content feed … Continue reading

How to Test CDN on Muvi Platform? 18 October 2022

  A CDN is a network of servers that deliver contents to your end-users according to their geographic location. Platforms use CDNs largely because they offer four important benefits: better performance, increased reliability, cost savings, and resilience against cyber-attacks. If … Continue reading

Why Opt for an Enterprise Video Hosting Platform instead of YouTube? 08 January 2021

  Although YouTube is a popular video hosting platform, especially for beginners, it’s not a very profitable platform when it comes to content monetization. If you are a video streaming enthusiast and looking for a more professional video hosting and … Continue reading

Why is CDN Important in Live Streaming? 12 November 2020

    As online video consumption is reaching new heights, the streaming industry is constantly facing challenges to deliver high-quality videos quickly and securely to end-users. The case is especially true in live streaming when users get impatient to watch … Continue reading

Choosing The Right CDN For Your Business 31 August 2015

  Most organizations that stream a lot of video know the value of a content delivery network (CDN). But what is the most important feature for the most critical video content? It is the ability to stream to multiple screens … Continue reading