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Store Unlimited Videos for your eLearning Platform with Muvi Flex

Ankit Jena Published on : 01 November 2022
eLearning platform


eLearning is not new in the education industry. Online education has heightened demand in schools, colleges, and universities to convey advanced learning solutions to students via eLearning platforms. Application of digital platforms for learning is a rapidly changing educational system. Traditional education system is slowly going down due to high-speed internet and advancement in technology. E-learning allows people to learn everything from the comfort of their home without going anywhere.

Forbes claimed that the eLearning market will grow to $325.10 billion by 2025, which is triple the revenue of 2015. According to this report, educational institutions and private tutors are searching out to provide online courses. eLearning accommodates basic courses to advanced courses, such as programming, health, and fitness, and many more. Whether you run an educational institution or else you’re a private tutor, Muvi Flex allows you to store and manage all your eLearning videos in a single place and publish them directly to your website or else application.


eLearning Platform


Importance of eLearning

A rapid shift to eLearning has brought indefinite advantages to the students or learners. Online learning is an essential tool for imparting education and the advancement of technology has made access to information quicker and simpler.


It fulfills the need of every student

eLearning fulfills the requirement of every type of student. Digital progression has led to outstanding shifts in the method we access content. Students get the opportunity of learning on the go irrespective of their location.


Any Course Any Time

Unlike traditional classroom teaching, users can access the eLearning content any time. It is helpful when preparing for the exam. Through online learning, you can access the content whenever you want as per your suitability and revisit courses any number of times.  


Quick Delivery of lessons

With rapid advancement of technology, students have adapted the eLearning idea entirely and one of the major reasons is quick access to lessons. As compared to traditional teaching mode, online learning has relatively made quicker delivery of lessons.


How Muvi Flex can help you with eLearning Video Hosting?


Store and Manage Unlimited eLearning Videos

Running an eLearning business entirely comprises dealing with multiple videos for online courses. Muvi Flex allows you to add unlimited content without any limitations. Based on the content, you can pick a plan for the storage size.


Manage eLearning videos

Muvi Flex allows you to upload, store, manage and publish your content from a single CMS. You can add search tags, categories, descriptions, along with images for your eLearning videos to make them effortlessly searchable when searching for them. To publish your eLearning videos, you can obtain the embed code and add them to the streaming platform that also provide you eLearning video hosting.


Stream Own branded eLearning Content

Muvi Flex is a completely customizable HTML5-based online video player. You can add your Logo as well as watermark to the content and embed and publish your content as your own brand course and stream them on your platforms like websites and applications.


Publish your courses on social media

Muvi Flex also helps you publish your videos directly to social media platforms. It also allows you to promote your online videos with ads, course introductions or else success stories. It offers you a seamless integration with almost all the major social media platforms.


Analyze and measure the performance of eLearning videos

Analytics feature of Muvi Flex allows you to measure the performance of your content. It can give you insights into student’s behavior like time they spent on your online video, viewing habits, drop-off rates, devices used for streaming, etc. With this information, you can make content for effective learning.


Protect your eLearning platform with Muvi’s highest security

You can protect your eLearning platform with Muvi’s highest security feature. It protects your platform and contents from pirates and hackers with security features such as multi-level firewall, industry-leading in-built DRM, watermarking, screen recording protection, ISO-certified processes, and so on.

Muvi Flex allows you to store and manage unlimited eLearning videos and publish them across your website and application. You can also customize your platform according to your preference. Take a free trial to know what Muvi Flex can offer you.


eLearning Platform

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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