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Ofcom Report Finds Number Of TV Homes Dropping In UK 03 December 2015

It is estimated that there are 1.1 million homes (4.3% of all households) that have a broadband connection but don’t have a TV set. Continue reading

China Starts Regulating OTT Boxes 30 November 2015

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China has taken out a list of 81 such illegal apps. Continue reading

Interruptions Spell Doom For OTT Video 30 November 2015

It is pretty obvious for a fact that if an OTT services does not deliver video to your device properly, you are likely to uninstall it forever. Continue reading

OTT Customers Will Be More Valuable As Linear TV Fades 27 November 2015

People can move in and out of it pretty easily because you do it all on the Internet. And there’s also probably seasonality to OTT that’s maybe a little bit different than what we see in linear TV. Continue reading

Govt Intervention Will Hurt OTT Services In The Long Run 26 November 2015

The FCC intervention is the least needed thing for this market for sure. Continue reading

Tips For MSOs Getting Ready For An OTT Invasion 26 November 2015

Going ahead, as the content and features offered by OTT providers become more compelling and as overall consumer awareness of OTT increases. Continue reading

TV Ads Migrating To Smartphones Now 20 November 2015

This announcement of sorts comes from Millennial Media, the mobile advertising network bought recently by AOL. Continue reading

OTT Streaming Devices Register 157% Growth In Views, Finds FreeWheel Report 20 November 2015

The Q3 Video Monetization Report from FreeWheel is out and its numbers will look very encouraging to streaming devices manufacturers! Continue reading

Hulu’s Reinvention Of Itself Is A Lesson For All Streaming Services 19 November 2015

This crafty reinvention of Hulu by Hulu itself is a must learn for everyone in the streaming business. Continue reading

TV Content Re-broadcast On Web Issue Hung Up To Dry By The Court 16 November 2015

The OTT platform called Aereo has long been placed in the memoirs now. Its successor FilmOn however refused to put arms down in its dispute with the TV industry over TV content re-broadcast. Recently, FilmOn found itself in the wrong side … Continue reading