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Microsoft’s ambitious gaming consoles Xbox has rightfully paved its way to 57 million people’s living room that also hosts streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. The feature of hosting streaming services with protected content alongside the gaming universe has snowballed Xbox’s popularity by leaps and bounds.

So, now get ready to cast yourself in the world’s most popular gaming platform, Xbox, streaming your content to the gamers during their much-needed breathers. Feature in Xbox and reach the millennials in the closest way possible!

With Muvi you can feature on XBOX, XBOX 360, XBOX One, XBOX One S, XBOX One X instantly and start streaming to the humongous viewers right away!

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  • Native App
  • Completely White-labeled
  • Native Video App
  • Joystick Support
  • Multi-language Support

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Native App

Own a fully-native streaming app right from the ground-up. Built on Xbox’s defined programming standard ensuring a pixel-perfect UI, let your brand statement glare on a completely white-labeled solution that is based on a multi-view-controller architecture meant for easy scaling.

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Native Video Player

Stream your content on native video player from Muvi for effortless adaptive streaming in HLS format. Stream independent of connection speed and deliver an optimal viewing experience to every user streaming on Xbox or its range of flagships.

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Joystick Support

Let the Xbox users access and manage your app easily with the joystick provided with the device. No additional controllers. No configuration hassles.

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Multi-Language Audio

Using Muvi, you can have your users' streaming content over any language they find suitable. While the player will by default play the primary track associated with the particular content, switching to preferable audio track is possible by simply toggling the language button. Easy viewing for everyone, everywhere.

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