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4 Best Examples of Workflows to Get Started

Ankit Jena Published on : 30 November 2021
examples of workflows


In one of our previous blogs, we have already discussed about workflow management and it is evident that whatever may be the industry; workflow management and automation is the savior for several companies to streamline their processes. It has empowered business owners to design workflows and achieve great and reliable outputs for common work processes.

In this blog, we are going to talk about a few examples of workflows used by different industries. We have compiled a list of four workflow examples for some of the common business processes which will give you a head start when you want to create your own workflows.




4 Best Examples of workflows to know how it works


1)   Incident Reaction

You might be thinking how incident reaction can be streamlined by workflow management! Yes, it’s factual that several incident response processes can be automated like:

  • Cyber security breaches
  • Internal non-compliance or whistle blowing
  • Safety issues


Workflow for a Reported Incident:

A reported case or incident is primarily assessed by a front-line team. They assess the circumstances, severity etc. and make a resolution if it should be forwarded to the department head for the review. Head of the department may decide to file/lodge a case in the judicial department or pass it to the remediation team to deal with it. After a resolution from the remediation team, the solution is then reviewed by the designated administrative staff that finally approves or rejects the solution and the process ends.


examples of workflows


2)  New It Projects

When a new project is closed by the sales team, the project managers often send a welcome note to the client and start creating workflow and assign it to the respective teams for successful accomplishment within a specific timeline. Without a streamlined workflow, IT projects can quickly become inefficient and overwhelming.  

IT companies use workflows to establish a framework and defined processes for submitting, reviewing, approving, assigning and tracking IT project requests.


Workflow for a New IT Project:

Initially an IT project is assigned to a primary approver (Project Manager) and if not accepted or approved is returned to the submitter. After the approval of the project manager it proceeds to the IT team for further execution of the task within a specified time. After completing the task, the team sends the project to the IT Manager for final review and approval. Finally the work is submitted to the submitter and the process ends.


Examples of workflows


3)  New Hire Or On boarding

Each and every step of the hiring process is vital in the human resource administration. When a new employee joins a company the initial phase is critical and needs involvement of various departments to help on board the employee successfully. On-boarding process needs to be flawless and compliant with organization and lawful needs. An inefficient boarding process can make or break a company’s reputation in terms of employee’s satisfaction. An automated workflow management system triggers the notifications and approvals as the steps are completed without the need of any manual emails, phone calls, as well as reminders.


Workflow for a New Onboard

In case of a new hire, the process starts with a standard background check. According to the results of the background verification, a notification is sent to the HR (Human Resource) manager. After the approval of the HR manager, document verification of the candidate is done. The Finance department opens the salary account and accomplishes other employee benefits schemes. Finally, a welcome notification is sent to the candidate from the respective team manager in which he/she is likely to join and training information is given.


Examples of workflows


4)  Marketing Collateral

Marketing industry is a vast industry and needs a streamlined process available to empower the team with all the information before-hand to perform the tasks efficiently. Marketing workflows help:

  •  Drive harmony in your team
  • Boost the quality of the output
  • Integrate new capabilities
  • Raise the profitability of projects


Workflow for Marketing collateral

In the marketing industry, the process starts with a lead generation program, where the team captures leads from a range of sources. It is further accompanied by monitoring the behavior of leads. After getting a positive response from the lead, it is further assigned to the sales team for nurturing the prospective lead to an active paying customer. After the conversion, the marketing team hands over the customer to the respective team to work in coordination and give required outputs as per the commitment.


Examples of workflows



Hope these above-mentioned examples of workflows were helpful and will definitely aid you get a kick-start creating workflows for your industry.  

Are you interested in creating your own workflow and automating business processes? Then explore Tattle – a complete solution to create customized workflows and automate the work process. Business can use it for any department such as:

  • Marketing
  •  CRM
  •  IT
  •  HR
  •  Operations
  • Project management, etc.

If you want more clarity on how it works, consider taking a 14 days free trial. For further information our experts are always ready to help you.  




Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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