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5 Industries that Need a Notification Management System

Ishita Banik Published on : 30 July 2021
Notification management system


Notification Management system or notification engine has taken the limelight for the online businesses to increase the customer engagement. Be it a sign-up notification or, updating the customers about delayed payments – a notification system gives a compact all-in-one solution for your online platform.

While the sole purpose of a email notification system is increasing multi-channel customer engagement, it also offers unlimited advantages for your business like improving business credibility, increasing customer lifecycle value, and reducing churn rate, to name a few.

You must be keen to know why notification engines are a must-have and highly sought-after for online businesses? Well, its multiple use cases across diverse industries is definitely one of the reasons!

So, before we start, let’s get to know the basics-


What is a Notification Management System?

A notification management system or notification system is a tool or software that improves multi-channel end-user engagement for your business. 

It lets you choose your preferred channels to trigger notifications such as email, WhatsApp, SMS etc. based on customer actions, common system events, and others.

Some examples of customer actions – sign-ups, purchases, wishlisting products, subscription upgradation etc.

Common events are more generic and mostly system events such as subscription renewal, website upgradation, user addition etc.


Now that you know what a notification system is, let’s move on to its applicability! While notification systems are mainly industry-agnostic, we have listed out-


The Top 5 Industries that Must Adopt a Notification System


  • OTT 

OTT industry is growing faster than ever, and the pandemic has catalyzed its growth even more! As stated in the recent report by Statista, the OTT media revenue is projected to reach over US$ 210 Billion by 2026. While the competition tends to get fiercer, a notification system can bring significant benefits to your OTT business. It can help you keep your customer engaged with your content and platform more than ever. You can trigger automated or even bulk notifications to update your audience about recent releases, trending shows, exclusive discounts, and many more in a matter of a few minutes! 




  • E-commerce 

Notification systems are imperative to boost the overall revenue for any e-commerce platform. How? 

Well, you can-

  1. Notify customers about fresh Stock based on their previous purchases
  2. Remind them about their abandoned cart items through SMS or WhatsApp notifications
  3. Send instant notifications for flash sales
  4. Provide personalized coupons, and offers on their birthdays
  5. Send multi-channel notifications containing links to avail specially discounted products


Not only these, a notification engine is rather a necessity for your e-commerce business as it lets you –

  1. Notify the customers after order placement
  2. Update about the order status – placed, dispatched, delivered etc.
  3. Update about the new stock to the customers who clicked on ‘notify me’ button for any out-of-stock product

And others.


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  • Hospitality

As you know, customer experience and customer engagement both are two very important pillars for any hospitality business. And a notification engine helps in making both these stronger than ever. Wondering how? Why not take some examples which you must have come across several times-

Email or SMS notifications after booking a hotel, WhatsApp notification after you check out from a hotel, SMS notification after booking salon or spa services, email or SMS notifications for any cancellations etc.

It’s clear that for the hospitality industry, a notification engine improves business credibility and helps in boosting customer retention rate as well.

  • B2B SaaS

If you are running a B2B SaaS business, you already know the importance of timely notifying the customers on various events starting from new purchases to updated SLAs!

With the help of a notification engine, you can smoothly trigger notifications for all such events so that your customers never get the chance to get disconnected from your online platform or services!

  • Job Portals

For any job portal, a notification system is mandatory. It not only enhances the customer engagement or experience but helps in word-of-mouth promotions too!

Some of the use cases of notification engine in job portals are-

  1. Email notifications for new openings
  2. SMS or email notifications for shortlisted resumes
  3. Multi-channel notifications for the local openings



Wrapping Up,

While notification systems can be optional for a few industries, many are heavily dependent on them. But in either case, adopting a notification system is the best choice to keep oneself one step ahead of the strict competition. It can be applied to any and every sector such as e-learning portals, B2C business, gaming apps, cab booking apps, and others.


Muvi notification engine Konviare comes with the exclusive feature-rich solutions like multi-channel trigger management, mass notifications, content management, user management, smart-analytics and many more. The 0 need for coding and 100 free notifications during the trial period are the bonus points for its users!

Thinking of trying it? Don’t wait anymore, take a 14-day free trial, now!



Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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