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The Battle of Brands for Streaming TV: Samsung, LG, Roku, and More

Debarpita Banerjee Published on : 06 November 2023
The Battle of Brands for Streaming TV- Samsung, LG, Roku, and More

Online streaming on smart TVs is seeing the boost of the century. The prime reason behind this boost is the boom in sales of smart TVs and the continuous advancements in TV technologies by smart streaming TV brands. And now with streaming sticks and smart set-top boxes, you don’t even need a smart TV to stream online content on bigger screens. 

Globally, TV markets generated a revenue of 168.8 billion US dollars in 2022. Going by the Smart TV Brands, Samsung occupied 19.6% of the global sales volume in 2022, followed by LG (11.7%) and TCL (11.7%). 

Since 2019, Samsung has always occupied the top position, occupying over 19% of the sales volume consistently. LG has also been a consistent second, though its sales volume dropped to 11.7% for the first time in 2023. 

From a streaming business perspective, the awareness of streaming TV brands is important because only then you can decide which app you need to launch first. As most of these smart TVs operate on different operating systems, like WebOS for LG, Tizen for Samsung, etc, a single app won’t work on all of them. You will have to launch separate apps for each of these ecosystems.      

In this blog, we will take you through interesting insights, market size, and projections for each of these smart TV brands, so that you can decide the perfect destination for your streaming apps. So, let’s begin!    

A Sneak Peak into the Market Growth of Best Smart TV and Streaming Device Brands

Over the years, we have seen tremendous growth in the overall smart TV and streaming devices market. But from the brand’s perspective, the top three brands have been able to retain their positions in the market. Let’s now take a deeper look at some of these brands. 

Samsung Smart TVs

According to a recent press release by Samsung, this giant TV brand has topped the global television market for the 17th consecutive time this year. Hence, you can imagine the dominance that it has over the overall television market. 

Samsung has been developing connected TVs since 2008 when it first launched power infolink-enabled TV sets. These TVs could connect to the internet and USB devices, to deliver weather reports and simple YouTube Videos. From then on, Samsung has been improving its TV technology continuously, as shown in the table given below. 

The history of Samsung Smart TVs - Year After Year

As you can see, Samsung has always been the torch-bearer when it comes to innovation in the television industry. And that is why, it has shown constant market dominance in terms of unit sales, as shown in the graph below. 

Samsung's Share of Total TV Sales in that Year (in %) - 2019: 19.8%, 2020: 21.9%, 2021: 19.8%, 2022: 19.6%

Hence, for any streaming business, developing your own Samsung Tizen app will be of utmost importance! Because you won’t want to miss being present over Samsung smart TVs. 

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LG Smart TVs

LG is the second-largest brand in the global television market. The market share of the LG brand in the television market is shown in the graph given below. 

The market share of the LG brand in the television market

If you take a deeper look at the graph, you will realize that the overall sales of LG TVs are growing year after year, as opposed to Samsung which is stagnant around 19%. 

Just like Samsung, the history of LG TVs is also quite decorated. Way back in 2004, LG broke the 50-inch barrier for the first time and launched the 55-inch Full HD LCD TV and 71-inch Full HD PDP TV, which was the biggest TV in the market at that time. 

7 years later, LG was again the first one to launch the world’s first 84-inch Ultra HD TV. Hence, if you compare Samsung to LG, you will see where the two brands are concentrating. While Samsung is concentrating on making the TVs more smart and advanced, LG is concentrating on delivering the grandest picturesque experience to the viewers. 

But, both brands are equally important. And that is why, just like a Samsung Tizen App, you simply cannot ignore developing an LG WebOS app too! 

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Roku Streaming Devices

When we talk of TV streaming, streaming devices are equally important as smart TVs. And it is needless to say Roku is the market leader in the streaming devices segment, which currently holds more than 49% of the total streaming devices being used in the US. 

What’s even more interesting is that Roku is competing with the major smart TV brands in the smart TV segment too! Roku TV OS is currently the fourth most popular streaming ecosystem, as seen from the pie chart given below:

Roku TV OS is currently the fourth most popular streaming ecosystem, as seen from the pie chart
Hence, for those who rely on streaming sticks and devices, Roku is definitely the go-to choice in many parts of the world. And if you do not develop your streaming app for Roku, then you are missing out on a large audience base. 

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Fire Devices

Amongst the streaming devices, Fire devices are the second most popular, after Roku, and have held over 6.4% of the streaming device market. 

Amazon started off its Fire OS journey with Fire Sticks, which are small HDMI-based devices that can be connected to any type of TV and can be used to access internet-based content. But, after 2017, they started integrating Fire OS into smart TVs too, making the market reach of Fire OS even wider. 

Apple TV

Though Apple TV’s market dominance has dropped a bit in recent years, it is still quite popular amongst streaming devices, due to its exclusive and quality content. In the second quarter of 2023, Apple TV had a 9% market share in the global connected TV market, which dropped to 4% in the third quarter of 2023. 

And this drop had multiple reasons, one of the prime reasons being ad fraud. But, with a new bunch of content and major sporting events on Apple TV+, Apple TV will definitely look to fight back in the last quarter of the year. 

Muvi’s Take on the Battle of Brands

For every streaming entrepreneur, understanding the streaming market dynamics is important. Being aware of the reach of brands and OS of devices used for streaming devices gives you the opportunity to launch the apps that are in demand, and generate revenue from them. 

According to our market insiders, Samsung and LG will remain the top two smart TV brands across the globe for this quarter too. But at the same time, Android TVs, irrespective of brand, will give a tough fight and might score surprisingly well in this contest. 

But if you are a Muvi customer, then you don’t have to worry about it much, as you can create your own streaming apps for 16+ OS environments using Muvi One. You won’t have to write a single line of code and will be able to incorporate all the latest features into your app. 

Deliver the Best Smart TV Streaming Experience With Muvi!

With Muvi One, you can deliver the best streaming experience to your viewers on 16+ app environments, covering all the major smart streaming TV brands. You can develop web-based applications, android apps, iOS and Mac apps, Roku channels, LG Smart TV app Development, and whatnot! 

Some of the major benefits of using Muvi One:

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All the brands are good but Samsung and LG have been the consumer-favorites for over many years now. 

A streaming app needs to get maximum exposure to achieve success, and this exposure can come only when they are available on the devices used by a maximum number of people. That is why, streaming businesses must be aware of the brands and OS environments that people use the most so that they can launch their apps accordingly.

To reach a broader audience, streaming app developers should target the following brands:

  • Samsung (Samsung Tizen)
  • LG (LG WebOS)
  • Roku (Roku OS)
  • Fire (Fire OS)

Written by: Debarpita Banerjee

Debarpita is a Content Writer with Muvi. With around 2 years of experience in content creation, she has worked across industries like SaaS, EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR, and Metaverse. She believes in delivering content that can be of some value to the readers. In her free time, she likes to try her hand at website and app development.

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