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4 Reasons Why CDN Video Streaming Is Critical for OTT Success

Amita Kumari Published on : 20 January 2022
CDN video streaming


The OTT business is high on growth and constantly driving user traffic from all round the globe. OTT’s subscription-based business is aiming towards earning trust and constantly offering modern digital services to engage audiences. Relying on the traditional localized content server for OTT streaming content delivery can hamper your business performance and brand trust. For that, if you’ve been considering migrating to CDN video streaming, now is the time to do so.

In this blog we are going to discuss about-

1- What is CDN?

2- How does video CDN work?

3- Why should you invest in a built-in CDN?

4- What is exclusive about Muvi One’s CDN infrastructure?

What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

A CDN is a network of local proxy servers spread across different geo-areas with their own data centers. Various content sets, multimedia, and subtitle files are stored on proxy servers. When a user request is initiated, the requested content is retrieved from the nearest proxy server and transmitted to the user’s device.

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How does video CDN work?

CDN video streaming

  • CDNs’ extensive network of servers is strategically distributed throughout the globe to distribute lag-free video streams.
  • The usage of streaming protocols like Apple HTTP live streaming (HLS) and MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) in CDN video streaming has eliminated the buffering issues during live, VOD streaming and improved the overall video quality.
  • Once live or VOD content is posted, it is populated all over the world through the widespread CDN video network.

 Why is a built-in CDN critical for OTT success?

The vast usability and robustness of CDNs has resulted in their usage in a multitude of business industries. Built-in CDNs are especially important for video content streaming because the large size of video data makes video streaming vulnerable to high buffering and slow playback speeds.

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Why should you invest in a built-in CDN for video when you already have a streaming server? 


Top 4 OTT Business Advantages of Using an In-Build CDN for Video Streaming–

1- Invulnerable security
  • Built-in CDN provides numerous security features for streaming video and audio content, including bot detection, malware protection, and request limiting.
  • The best advantage of a CDN is, even though your OTT platform is compromised, only proxy servers will be impacted. Number of proxy servers in CDN minimizes the rise of cyberattacks like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), where the website/platform is flooded with simultaneous attempts to breach it.

2- Cost-effective network infrastructure

No doubt, MNCs prefer developing their own global CDN setup, but this is not possible for SME OTT platforms and content creators/aggregators. By using built-in-CDN for video streaming services, broadcasters can outsource the network infrastructure and maintenance costs while leveraging the power of global content delivery.

3- Improved OTT performance

CDN’s massive network of proxy servers ensures 24×7 uptime and increases streaming speed for your video streaming platform. In scenarios like malfunctions of main servers, proxy servers handle OTT content delivery for an uninterrupted watching experience for the viewers.

Despite unexpected user traffic, the content delivery network always ensures the OTT platform functions normally with minimum latency.

4- Speed-

As a wide range of content is distributed to proxy servers, content is not delayed by local network downtime or the geographical distance between content creators and viewers. Both VOD and live streams are delivered as cached content with a single click.


  • To leverage the benefits of content delivery networks, it is essential to choose the network system that will be the best match for your OTT platform.
  • Muvi’s built-in content delivery network offers low-latency audio, video, and live streaming content delivery services across the globe. Muvi’s CDN is operated by highly scalable Amazon web services and delivers content via 16 geographical regions around the world.

Why should you go for Muvi One’s CDN infrastructure?

CDN video streaming

1- Seamless integration of the preferred CDN with your OTT platforms. Multi-CDN integration with CDNS like Akamai, Amazon Cloudfront, and Cloudflare enables all-time fast streaming content delivery.

2- The built-in CDN video streaming securely archives video, audio, and live streaming content with end-to-end encryption.

3- It handles VOD and live stream workloads with default mid-tier caching and real-time monitoring.

4- With Muvi One’s low-cost content, you only have to pay for users’ data consumption in terms of GB. There’s no need to be concerned about streaming requests, bandwidth, calls to action, or anything else.

Now you can also take a 14-day trial of Muvi One and Find out how Muvi is the best fit for you. Start your free trial now!

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Written by: Amita Kumari

Amita is a content writer with Muvi marketing team. She has over 5+ years of experience in content creation and development. Passionate by heart, she likes to cook, write, sing and do yoga to pass time.

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