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Content Monetization – How to make money from your content? 28 October 2022

content monetization


Content creators always look for opportunities to monetize their contents and make as many revenues as possible. There are multiple sources of making money and each of the methods should be explored by creators for gradual growth of their business. Everyone and anyone is qualified to generate content, publish it on their streaming platforms and monetize it by different monetization models. In this blog, we will demonstrate the best content monetization ideas which can help you garner your revenue stream.  


Content Monetization – Who should consider monetizing their content?

If your number of audience is steadily growing, it’s worth considering monetization. If you have an audience base who always look for your contents in the internet media, why not make money by selling your offerings.

You can monetize your content if:

  • You are managing a content library
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in a particular niche
  • Gets a lot of engagement from audience and followers
  • Have the passion to make huge revenue

Content monetization is a great topic, particularly for those who are publishers to discover its benefits, and the market catches on.


Content Monetization


Different ways of making money from your content  


Launch Membership Content

If you are a recognized and well-settled video content creator, you can make profit by placing premium video content behind a paywall. Recurring payment model in a membership model generates a dependable source of income. Video paywall solutions have the advantage of creating exclusivity around your content, offering members a sense of community that is not present in any public forums.   



Donations let your fans enthusiastically support their preferred creators while evading the obligations of subscription plans. Donations is now a common content monetization strategy during live streams since it permits for unlimited revenue while keeping content independent of commercial advertisers.  It also offers the prospect for content creators to bond with their fans by openly thanking them.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing makes you the brand ambassador by referring products or services to your members and it allows you to earn a decent revenue for every conversion your members make. It is a common digital content monetization because it can be applied in several methods. One of the methods is by posting referral links to your site, and when your members click through the link, the transaction path is tracked.

Another popular method is to offer a code for your members to use at the retailer’s checkout page. Affiliates frequently provide a discount to further appeal members to purchases.


Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is utilized in both private websites as well as social media monetization models because it can be modified to fit different formats. Product placements need a more dynamic tactic than affiliate marketing or platform ad-rolls since you will be the one telling the audience why to purchase it. Always partner with sponsors who you truly believe in, and be clear about the partnership to evade isolating your user base.



It is a tried and tested method for monetizing content. There are several methods to advertise products and services with few hard-work required on your end.

Some common kinds of ads you will come across:

  • Bumper ads: These are six second videos that play before your video officially starts.
  • In stream ads: Ads that come between your videos just like commercial breaks.
  • Banner ads: These are the images that overlay your videos and are primarily text-based.

Beginners may discover it tough to earn a huge amount of revenue through ads if they depend upon platforms like YouTube. However, it is ideal for people with a huge audience base.


Product selling  

Product selling is a huge method to make some additional revenue through digital content monetization. It is just like wearing the jersey of your favorite sports team. Branded content streaming platforms can offer their fans a method to represent their favorite communities online.

Clothing is the most renowned method to monetize and make revenue and selling the articles that are more specific to your niche can be a profitable idea.

If your contents are all about makeup tutorials, selling makeup products is a natural fit and if your contents are about guitar lessons, then you may sell a range of products like guitars, strings, and sheet music, etc.


Licensing content

If your contents obtain a lot of views, there is a good opportunity that other platforms would like to get a piece of the action. And giving the authorization to republish your content for some definite amount brings in additional income and also increases the level of awareness people have for your contents.

Here are 2 options for licensing content:

  • Exclusive Rights – Here the user gets exclusive rights to use your content as they please.
  • Limited Rights – Here more than one buyer is allowed to reprint your content for a limited period of time.


VOD Platform

Creating your own video streaming platform and setting up subscription programs gives even more opportunities to monetize digital content. You can also use all those above-mentioned strategies like licensing, advertisement, donation, and membership within the platform.  VOD platform with several content monetization models allows you to keep a huge percentage of your revenue while making it more constant. A VOD platform can help you with:

  • Website creation
  • Online course creation
  • Live streaming
  • Membership communities


Attain Your Dream with Muvi!

Muvi is the top-rated streaming media platform that allows you to create both audio and video streaming platforms to sell your contents online using several monetization models. With Muvi, you can launch a white-label multi-device streaming platform offering Video-On-Demand and Live streaming contents. You can monetize your content using SVOD, Pay-Per-View, AVOD, Donations, Coupon codes, Gift cards and vouchers, credits, etc. Take a free trial to learn how you can earn more revenue using different strategies.


Content Monetization

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Ankit Jena
Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 3+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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