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How To Create & Sell The Best Online Trading Courses For Beginners

Shivashish Published on : 29 December 2023
Online Trading Courses

Learning has gone online. Everyone is deploying some form of online learning to their curriculum, from schools to colleges to corporate organizations. Thanks to the advantage of high-speed internet and powerful streaming solution providers,  creating and deploying your very own online e-learning platform has become easier than ever, In this blog we are going to read about why creating online trading courses is a better idea than physical classroom courses and how use can do it using Muvi One and Muvi Live on-demand and live streaming capabilities.

Trading is a very dynamic profession. Markets turn every second and imparting the knowledge to trade in this highly competitive environment cannot possibly happen in a classroom as there are always going to be newer challenges to learn about and new information to process. On the contrary, an online trading course setup for beginners can help students study at will, process information in a much more interactive manner, and lastly, give the teacher the flexibility to alter courses at will to impart the latest information. 

Setting up an online trading course is easy but before we move to that, let us understand the important features of online learning that make it a better choice to host courses than offline classes.


Benefits of Online Trading Courses Opposed to Classrooms


Remote Learning

Remote learning is the future of education as it empowers the learner to access knowledge across geographical boundaries. With a laptop or phone and an active internet connection, it is possible for someone sitting in London to access your online course and pay for it. Leveraging technology, and setting up online trading courses will increase your reach and open up new revenue streams. 

Testing Environment

Online learning gives you more flexibility in terms of the creation of courses, the monetization approach to follow, the duration of the course, etc. You can set up a cluster of courses that come with a single subscription and also offer individual courses at pay-per-view. This opens up multiple revenue streams and collaboration opportunities.

Learn Anytime

While regular classroom courses have a fixed timeline to be followed for best results the same is not true for online learning. A user can study at will, take certification exams whenever they’re ready, and design their learning path as per their schedule and other commitments. More flexibility results in better learning outcomes.

Interactive Learning

It is a thing of the past when attending regular classrooms was mandatory for interaction with the instructor. Latest eLearning platforms such as Muvi eLearning offer various interactive features such as a dedicated chatbox for discussions and doubts, an option to raise questions and queries, sharing of notes as downloadables, performance reports, and much more. 

Elaborate Certification, Monitoring & Analytics

Online eLearning offers robust analytics that lets you monitor each student, their learning progress, hours spent, and quizzes participated and based on that, can automatically issue digitally verifiable certificates as and when needed or as decided by the administrator. 


Setting Up Online Trading Courses with Muvi One

Setting up an online trading course with Muvi One is as easy as easy can get. Courtesy to the no-code process, anyone can set up their fully functional online trading courses with ease. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Get Muvi One Free Trial

Visit and get a free trial of Muvi One which is the base on which you develop your eLearning platform. Get a free 14-day trial and log in to Muvi One CMS.

Step 2: Activate eLearning

Once you are logged in, the next step is to activate the eLearning module.

  • Access “Content Management” -> “Content Settings” in the CMS.
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab.
  • Toggle on “E-Learning” and confirm by clicking “Activate.”
  • The website template will switch to “Citrine” upon activation.
  • A new Nested Content Group for E-Learning, with levels such as “Chapters” and “Lessons,” will be automatically generated.
  • The E-Learning menu will now be visible in the CMS menu.

Note: You can try a 14-day Free Trial before making a purchase.

Step 3: Add Courses

Once the eLearning template is activated, the next step is to add courses and content in it. Muvi One eLearning works on nested setup. You can have one parent category of course title and then add subcategories as you go along.

  • Navigate to “Content Management” and select “Content Library” in the CMS.
  • Under the “Content Library” tab, click “Add Content” on the right side.
  • Choose “Video” from the “Content-Type” drop-down.
  • Select the “e-Learning” group from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the “Course Name” (e.g., Product Training, Employee Training).
  • The “Permalink” is auto-generated but can be edited.
  • Choose a “Content Category” from the drop-down or create one by following the provided link.
  • Provide a “Story/Description” for the course.
  • Add “Search Tags” separated by commas for easy content search.
  • Click “Banner” to upload a top banner; select “Add File” to upload the image.
  • Optionally, upload banners for “Website,” “Mobile App,” and “TV App.”
  • Navigate to the “People” tab to add the instructor. Select the Person Type from the drop-down or create a new type. Search for the instructor’s name and click “Add.”
  • Click “Add On” to include additional files, videos, or audio with the content. Choose the media type. Enter the “Label Name” and upload the file.
  • Upload a “Thumbnail” by clicking “Add File” on the right. Select an image from the Asset Library or upload it from your device.
  • Click “Save” to save the content; the video encoding process will start on the server.
  • After encoding, end-users can view the content.
  • To preview the content, click “Preview.”


That is how you create a very basic version of your online trading course. The story does not end here. Muvi One lets you add quizzes, multiple lessons, chapters, downloadables, and much more to make your platform as interactive as possible. Once you are done with creating the basic version, you can start adding these to your platform. Refer to this help article for more information.


Benefits of Muvi One eLearning Module

As you saw, creating an online eLearning platform is easy. You don’t need to code your website and by following simple instructions, you can set up a world-class online eLearning platform.

Live & On-Demand Classes

Muvi One is not just about on-demand classes. You can integrate it with Muvi Live and use industry-level live streaming infrastructure to stream secure content all over the world. Create live classes as well as recorded ones and manage all of them on a single CMS backend. 

Student Management

Signing up for courses for your eLearning platform is made easy. Completely manage the learners’ enrollment and make the sign-up process easy with the SSO (Single Sign-on) feature. Further, you can also monitor student attendance and progress with robust analytics. 

Complete Content Security

Muvi values intellectual property and has established the latest DRM techniques to prevent the piracy of content. As added security, there is forensic watermarking to identify data leaks, screen recording prevention, and much more. Your content is secure with Muvi One.

Native Apps for Your Online eLearning Platform

Muvi One lets you launch your own branded, fully featured, educational streaming service with multiscreen apps & a website. With Muvi One, you can launch fully featured native apps across 16+ platforms, devices, and ecosystems such as iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV(tvOS), Android TV, and more.

Content Partner Portal

Want to collaborate with other teachers? 

Partner with other course providers, monetize it and earn yourself a revenue share percentage. Give customized access to other educators who can then upload and deploy their content on the platform with ease using the content partner portal feature. 

ISO Certified eLearning Portal

Muvi eLearning is an ISO-certified platform in compliance with the Information Security Management Systems standards laid by ISO. 

The list of features is endless and we offer a free 14-day trial so that you can try Muvi eLearning yourself.


Selling & Marketing Strategy For Your Online Learning Platform

Once your platform is ready to be deployed for online trading courses. The next step is to strategize marketing initiatives to sell your courses. Here are a few steps that you must follow and improvise on while setting up your online trading courses.

Right Video SEO Techniques

What is visible on the search engine gets the engagement and this engagement further converts to leads and then to customers. Deploy the right SEO strategy by hiring SEO experts and ensuring that you have proper tags and descriptions in place. Muvi One also provides various SEO plugins to further enhance your SEO presence. 

Free & Paid Marketing

Creating engaging promotional content and using social media to reach your target audience. Use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your online trading courses by following the latest trends. 

Bonus Tip: Short Videos Are Very Popular These Days!

Adding to that, hire finance influencers to promote your products to witness a sales surge. Organize a budget and spend it on influencer marketing and social media promotions wisely utilizing the power of content.

Quality Content

Nothing works if the content is not good. This goes for both your online trading courses as well as the marketing content that you are creating. Users get hooked to the ideas of the brand and hence it is essential to give quality content to the audience for maximum results. Do solid audience and competition research and create sharable content for the internet to follow.



Setting up and running your online trading courses is not an easy task. We at Muvi are here to take care of the software requirements so that you can focus on the content part and this collaboration can yield the best online trading course platform. Muvi One is your first step towards your OTT Platform streaming journey. Get a free trial today.

Online Trading Platform


A combination of great content and the right software solution to deliver that content makes a great online trading course. The information on trading is vast and very dynamic, so imparting that information in the most easiest and earliest possible time is extremely crucial in making an online trading course.

A trading course essentially will have live as well as on-demand content. Also, such courses can also have content with different monetizations such as PPV and SVOD. Always opt for software that accommodates all this and provides a reliable e-learning platform.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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