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Customer Onboarding in OTT Platforms: Why, What, Do’s & Dont’s

Debarpita Banerjee Published on : 19 August 2022
Customer Onboarding in OTT Platforms: Why, What, Do’s & Dont’s


Every OTT platform wants to see new customers every single day. But, let me ask you a question. Suppose you are given two situations. One in which you get new customers every hour, but some of your old customers leave you at the same rate. And the second situation in which you get new customers every day, on top of that, you are able to retain your old customers too! 

Which one of the two situations would you choose? 

I am guessing that the unanimous answer would be the second situation, right? 

For OTT platforms, customer onboarding and customer retention are key to sustainable growth. Customer onboarding helps you to develop a healthy relationship with your customers and set the tone of their expectations. This blog will discuss the why, what, do’s, and don’ts of customer onboarding in OTT platforms in detail. 


What is Customer Onboarding?

In the most simple language, customer onboarding is a process through which your customers get to know your products and services and join your platform to use them. Ideally, it should include everything about your product, like registering the new customer, explaining to them how to use your product, and what are its features, and benefits. 

But, for the OTT industry, customer onboarding also involves making your platform easier and more attractive for your customers. Let’s take the example of Netflix to understand it better. 

Netflix allows new customers to sign up to their platforms in as minimum steps as possible. It makes sure that the very first impression of Netflix users is always very good. 

Even if their UI is superbly easy to use, still they add sufficient and clear instructions for the users, to ensure that nothing can trouble them while they are using the platform. 

And when it comes to crucial data in the registration form, Netflix splits up the registration format into multiple pages and steps, so that the users get enough time to input all the information carefully and correctly. 

Hence, their prime focus always remains on making their platform and customer onboarding as user-friendly as possible.


Why is Customer Onboarding for OTT Platforms Important?

Statistics say that over 55% of the users leave a platform when they don’t understand how to use it. Hence, the first interaction of your users with your platform is extremely important. We have summarized some of the most prominent benefits of efficient customer onboarding below.

  • Customers want to engage with your platform, as they become familiar with all your offerings. 
  • Increase the bonding with your customers, and turn them into your loyal followers. 
  • Reduce the churn rate and improve the customer retention ratio.
  • Attract the attention of customers towards new features, and in turn, increase your revenues. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction, and influences better reviews and referrals.         


7 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Customer Onboarding

Here are some tricks to deliver the best customer onboarding experience to your users. 


Focus on Your UI & UX

The most important hack for improving your customer onboarding lies in your user interface. The user interface delivers the first impression of your product. Hence, the initial steps of your customer must be smooth enough. 

To ensure that, design your sign-up and login interface with special care. Placing a link to the help center on the sign-up page also helps, in case the user gets stuck somewhere. Also, try to make the sign-up process as easy as possible. We have left some special tips for smartphones and TV sign-ups below. 


Tips for Smartphones

For designing an effective sign-up page for a smartphone app, you need to understand the pain points of your users first. For a smartphone user, the pain points revolve around freezing, crashing, and slow responsiveness. 

No one wants to use an app that gets frozen or slows down during the sign-up process. To ensure that your user doesn’t have to suffer through it, try to make your application lighter, and use cloud storage as much as possible. Make sure that your app has proper memory management in place.

Also, try to avoid heavy graphics on UI, as they sometimes take time to load, leading to a slow response of the app.   


Tips for Smart TVs 

For smart TV users, sign-up can become a bit irritating at times, especially if they have to type their entire email ID and password on the login page. 

We all know that smart TV viewers usually use their remote or google voice assistant for typing, and at times, both of these ways can lead to a bucket full of typos.

So, try to implement a type of sign-up process where they don’t need to type long and complicated IDs and passwords. It will help win their appreciation at an early stage for sure!    


Balance Between Notifications, Emails, and Events

Communication from the company to the customer is an essential part of the customer onboarding process. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to spam your customer’s inbox! Try to devise an effective communication strategy that employs a perfect mix of emails, app notifications, and live events. 

While writing emails, the tone you choose is important. Especially when reading your welcome email (expected to be the first-ever formal communication from your side), the user should get a sense of warmth and a glance at all the important features of your platform. This will lay a strong foundation for a healthy customer relationship.


Provide Sufficient User Guides and Help Articles

User guides and help articles are the first places your users will head to if they get stuck somewhere. And if your help articles do not answer their queries, it might lead to frustration. 

That is why, while formulating the help articles, you should always keep your user’s queries in mind. They should mention the query in clear words and then provide step-by-step solutions. In short, your help articles should be able to provide an actionable solution to your user.           


Personalize Feed With AI

Personalization helps a lot in impressing your viewers. And this personalization can be done at many levels. 

For example, if you are catering to a multi-cultural audience base, you can place different welcome greetings for the different viewers. Also, you can use their birthdays and festival days to send special notifications and viewing recommendations.                  


Provide Instant Support

Whenever a customer approaches your support channel with their issues, they expect you to be empathetic towards them. Any mistake at this stage can prove to be fatal. 

Try to respond to your customer’s query as soon as possible. If needed, you can set up a personal call with your customer to understand their issues better. It will help you to offer appropriate solutions quickly. 


Don’t Take a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Remember that all customers are not the same. So, the onboarding process should be flexible enough to accommodate all their needs. 

Try to access the needs of your customers. Track their choice of videos, and browsing behavior, and guess the issues they might be facing. Once you know their needs, start personalizing their services. 


Don’t Forget to Inform About New Features

Many times, you push updates that might change the UI of your platform. Your viewers might get confused with such updates, if not informed beforehand. That is why, whenever you push updates, make sure that you have documented all the changes beforehand. Send the document to all your existing customers via mail, or schedule a demo call with your customers to help them get acclimatized with the changes. 


Experience Seamless Customer Onboarding With Muvi One

With Muvi One, you can implement multiple features to ensure seamless customer onboarding. Let’s take you through some of our key features. 


UI and UX Customization 

With Muvi, you can customize the design and user interface of your platform and all your apps. In fact, we let you implement many innovative sign-up procedures too! With social media sign-up and single sign-on features, the registration process becomes super easy for your customers. 

In addition to these, we have a special code-based sign-in feature for our TV app too! It helps your users avoid the trouble of typing the ID and password through the remote. 


Engage With Users: Through Emails and Events

Schedule live events, and virtual fan meats with your users, and interact with them to know about their experiences and choices. You can also send customized emails at regular intervals to your viewers so that they can remain updated with all the happenings on your platform. 


Publish Detailed Guide Articles

Muvi one allows you to publish detailed guide articles in the form of PDFs. Your readers can read the PDF files and understand the working of your platform, its features, and its offerings. 

In addition to publishing detailed PDF files, you can publish your own blog too! Through the blog, you can inform your readers about all the latest updates. 


Alie Helps Drive Personalized Video Feed For Users

Our AI-based recommendation engine Alie helps you deliver customized video feeds to your customers. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we recognize and analyze your customer’s behavior, and personalize the customer interface. And the best part is that you can integrate it super quickly into the systems. 



Effective customer onboarding guarantees a smooth and long-term relationship with your customers. Easy registration and login interface, quality email communication and live events help you understand your customers, and your customers can realize what to expect from your platforms. And with Muvi, you can do all of them with ease!

So, why wait? Start your own OTT platform today, with Muvi! Start your 14 days free trial today!

Written by: Debarpita Banerjee

Debarpita is a Content Writer with Muvi. With around 2 years of experience in content creation, she has worked across industries like SaaS, EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR, and Metaverse. She believes in delivering content that can be of some value to the readers. In her free time, she likes to try her hand at website and app development.

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