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How AI-based recommendation system is transforming e-learning 28 June 2021

recommendation engine in e-learning


Did you know that the e-learning industry crossed over 250 billion USD in 2020? According to the data from Global Market Insights, the e-learning market saw a considerable profit during the pandemic and will continue to grow. Two of the significant factors that helped in their growth are the Covid-19 pandemic and recommendation system. Everybody knows about the former, however not so much about how AI-based recommendation systems are transforming e-learning. 


What is an AI-Based Recommendation System?


An AI-based recommendation system is a tool that uses a set of algorithms to determine what a ‘user’ may potentially like or dislike. Read Evolution of a Recommendation System to know more. 



Uses of AI-Based Recommendation Engine in e-learning


Recommendation Engine basically means giving suggestions. And, if you look around, you can find many industries that use this feature. With e-learning, the scope is limited but is of utmost importance. We have listed the two most important uses of a recommendation system in e-learning websites.


Progress Tracking


Progress tracking means that a user can see the following –


  1. How much syllabus has been covered
  2. What part took the most time
  3. Which assignments took the most time
  4. On which topic a user is facing difficulty
  5. Can track attendance of users

All of this is helpful for the parents whose kids are studying online. They can track the progress of their children and take the necessary actions when needed. It also benefits the corporate firms who schedule training sessions for their employees. 


Personalized Suggestions


Now this particular use case has proven to be beneficial to the person who is learning or studying. In any e-learning website, there is abundant data. Students sometimes get confused. By giving personalized suggestions to any user, the AI-based recommendation system makes their life easier. For example, if a student is studying trigonometry, the recommendation system will suggest worksheets or quizzes. This way, the student doesn’t have to search for relevant information about trigonometry in order to learn more.


Wrapping Up


The future of e-learning looks bright, and with the help of AI-based recommendation systems, it is sure to surpass all its records. Did you know that the e-learning industry is expected to see over 1 Trillion USD by the year 2027? Well, yes, that is how the big eLearning industry is becoming now. To know more about how you can utilize a recommendation system in the e-learning industry, take the 14-day free trial of Alie now.


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