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How Improved CDN Helps Meet Surging OTT Demand? 25 November 2022

How Improved CDN Helps Meet Surging OTT Demand?


Content Delivery Networks are servers that are distributed geographically, and function together to serve your viewers faster and with reduced buffering. If you do not use a CDN, the viewers located across the globe will receive the content feed from a single server. This often leads to many complications, like overburdening the server, increased transmission time, and increased risk of a server crash, let alone the loss of data packets. 

Thus, for smooth and faster OTT streaming, CDN is indispensable. 

But is smoothening the OTT stream the only function of CDN? The answer is NO. Apart from the primary functionalities of CDN, it also performs many additional functions like handling a sudden surge in OTT traffic or live stream and reducing the chances of cyber attacks. In this blog, we will discuss how CDN helps meet the surging OTT demand in detail. So, let’s begin!



Importance of CDN in the Current OTT Sphere

Before we jump into understanding how CDN helps meet the OTT surge, let us understand why the importance of Content Delivery Network is growing in the OTT industry. 

With an increased demand for fresh content, OTT platforms are growing popular across the globe. So most of the OTT platforms are now serving globally. Hence, now your consumers can be located in any country, any continent of the world, as compared to the regional consumer brackets that they used to serve before. Thus, a static server will definitely not fulfill your business’s demands. 

CDN provides the perfect solution to this situation. With multiple servers roaming across the globe, you can easily connect with your consumers located in any part of the world. 

Also, in today’s fast-paced world, the latency of streaming is an important factor in the success of OTT platforms. Since a single static server takes a lot of time to transmit the feed from one part of the world to another, it might increase the latency by reducing the loading speed of your content. 

CDN helps improve this situation drastically, as the people get their feeds from the server that is located nearest to them. Hence, the transmission time becomes negligible, making the video loading speed incredibly faster. 

The qualities of CDN discussed so far make it one of the most popular technical architectures of the OTT sphere. But modern and improved CDN has played a significant role in increasing scalability and improving the security of the OTT platforms too! We will now take a look at how CDN helps meet the OTT Surge in detail. 



How CDN Helps Meet OTT Surge

Using Content Delivery Networks, you can avoid downtime and handle unprecedented traffic spikes effortlessly. This is because CDN uses multiple proxy servers which help in handling additional traffic. Let’s discuss how CDN helps meet traffic surges. 


Ensuring Smooth Scalability

When a lot of people suddenly visit your website, it is called a traffic spike. And if you are not using a CDN, this traffic spike can lead to server-side outages and downtimes, as every hosting server has a certain traffic limitation. Hence, they stop functioning once the traffic potential is outreached. 

In such situations, the proxy servers of CDN come to play. The proxies start responding to the additional traffic request, ensuring that your platform does not suffer any downtime. Hence, using CDN, you can handle unprecedented traffic surges and achieve smooth scalability. 


Lower Latency, Faster Load Time, and Reduced Buffering

In the case of server hosting, the content is streamed from a single server to the entire globe. Hence, with distance, the distance and time taken for the transmission of signals increases. This leads to increased latency, load time, and buffering in remote locations, or distant parts of the world. 

However, CDN helps you manage the situation. Because CDN involves multiple proxy servers that are spread throughout the globe, any streaming request is handled by the proxy server located nearest to the viewer. Hence, it takes the least time in transmission, hence reducing latency, load time, and buffering significantly. 


Improves Overall User Experience

CDN improves the load speed and overall performance of your platform. As the latency of your platform decreases, your users can experience faster loading and effortless streaming. Thus, using CDN proves instrumental in improving the overall user experience for your platform. 


Enjoy Built-In CDN Architecture with MUVI

You must be thinking that integrating CDN with your platform must be difficult, right? But MUVI has turned this issue into a myth, with its built-in CDN! Yes, you read it right! Muvi has a built-in AWS CDN which is available to all our users by default. 

With our advanced multi-CDN architecture, your viewers can experience super-fast streaming with zero buffering across the globe. What are you waiting for? Start your 14-day free trial today! 


Start your OTT Platform


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Debarpita Banerjee
Debarpita works as a content writer with Muvi. She has worked across industries like EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR and Metaverse. She is a team player and believes in teamwork to help achieve a collective common goal. She also believes in delivering content that can add some value to the users and prove to be beneficial in taking our brand to the next level.

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