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How to Launch & Earn Revenue from Sports Streaming Channel?

Shivashish Published on : 15 December 2022


Sports streaming is the next big thing in the streaming industry. With FIFA currently going on, millions of viewers are enjoying matches in the comfort of their homes. Latest streaming technologies such as HLS is providing users with high-quality content which is both uninterrupted and at par with traditional IPTV setups. Read more about how HLS can improve live streaming.

Streaming sure earns you money but the next thing that might come to your mind is how can you launch a successful streaming setup to stream your own tournaments or sports commentary as well as a platform where your users can watch previous matches, highlights, etc to stream your own tournaments or sports commentary channel. Technology is obviously the answer but how one setup the best technology is the next part of the blog.

What is a Sports Streaming Channel?

A sports streaming channel is simply an online video service that lets users access live sports and related events. These platforms typically host a wide range of content starting with live matches, highlights, post-match analysis, and numerous other sports repeated content. Typically accessed through mobile devices, some of these streaming channels also provide support for smart TVs too. The Internet is filled with a variety of sports streaming services such as Hotstar, ESPN+, and many more where users stream live matches as well as browse existing content.

Before going any further on the requirements of a sports streaming channel, let us first discuss the multiple ways in which a sports streaming channel can earn you consistent revenue.

How to Make Money Via Sports Streaming Channels?

Sports streaming is a highly lucrative business. With the improvements in internet speeds and streaming quality, people are becoming more and more used to streaming content over their devices rather than going for the actual games. It is a great option as streaming lets you travel all around the globe watching global sports in the comfort of your drawing room or near your work desk. A sports streaming channel can offer multiple revenue forms to the owner, depending on the strategy used. Every download that your app gets, every sign-up that your website receives, and & every banner that you put on your website can be monetized if you use the data properly. Here are a few ways in which sports streaming channels can earn you money.

Subscription Plans

First & foremost, offer multiple subscription plans for your users to stream content on your channel. You can give pay-per-view access as well as monthly and quarterly subscription models. Deploy various levels of access too to give different content to users on how much they pay. for example, a basic subscription could offer access to live streams of sporting events. In contrast, a premium subscription could offer access to additional content, such as archived games and exclusive interviews. Fans always want to be constantly engaged with the content as a broadcaster, it’s your job to provide them with everything they ask for. Create the right subscription flow for your channel and you are good to go.

Sell Advertising Space

Sell your advertising space to other business owners and organizations. This could include display ads on the channel’s website, banner ads within the streaming content, or sponsored content that is integrated into the channel’s programming. AVOD + Banner Ads to help monetize the same. Also, companies fight big to gain traction for the product and they do so by including product references in between streams and shows. Consult an advertising agency and create a plan to cater to individuals and organizations who wish to promote.

Leverage Partnerships & Sponsorship

A sports streaming channel can also earn revenue by partnering with other organizations and securing sponsorships from businesses. For example, the channel could partner with a sports league or team to offer exclusive content and access to games, or it could secure sponsorships from companies that are interested in reaching the channel’s audience.

Additional Services

A sports streaming channel can earn by providing additional content as well as merchandise. For example, sell t-shirts of the tournament or team to your audience on the same platform and get another source of revenue. Secondly, hosting behind the scene, interviews, and post-match analyses can also add to the revenue if the content is creative and appealing to the audience. A good social media marketing strategy will work wonders as it will help reach more and more people and gain engagement.

Pay-per-view Events

Host special screenings of matches or behind the scene exclusive events that are not part of the subscription. Subscribers and non-subscribers can additionally pay to stream it.

How to Launch Your Sports Streaming Channel?

Launching a live sports streaming channel is a complicated task as it involves taking care of various copyright issues as well as managing funds. Remember, it is a business that involves creativity but it is still a business. Here are a few points to keep in mind while launching a live sports streaming channel.

Secure Various Rights to Broadcast

To broadcast live matches, you need to get the rights to those tournaments or matches to stream them on your channel. It can be a tedious and time-consuming process, so start approaching people months before the said tournament actually begins.

Develop a Live Streaming Platform

To be able to broadcast a live stream to your audience online, you need to have a good sports streaming platform that can cater to a large visitor count, manage and take payments for various subscriptions, look pleasing, and last but the most important, protect your content online. Muvi One is an OTT software solution that can cater to every need of a beginner and can expand as the journey progresses.

Define a Strategy to Promote Content & Channel Online

The Internet is all about visibility. If you are visible, you earn. Else, you are one of many who start and end every day. What makes the difference is the right strategy to promote content and the channel via social media and the internet. Create marketing and campaign partnerships with the sports fraternity to gain online visibility and thereafter build your channel on quality content.

Sports Streaming Channel

So hosting a sports streaming channel is difficult but a rewarding business if done properly. Thinking about opening your own sports stream channel and don’t know where to begin?

Get Muvi One at just $399 per month and get all the technical backing you need for your channel. Muvi Live gives you the flexibility to start your streaming from a single hand-held camera and can handle multi-camera support as well. Live Streaming however is just a small figment of its capabilities. Equipped with all the modern DRM technologies, Muvi One is a zero-code platform powerful enough to give its users their own Netflix. Here are certain features of Muvi One that you must know.


Muvi has a strong security system that is designed to keep your data safe. The platform uses the latest encryption technology, and Muvi’s dedicated security team will ensure that your information remains private and accessible to only those you intend to. Multi-DRM ensures that your content can be streamed on all browsers and applications without any unauthorized access.

Analytics On The Go

Add your Google Analytics code snippet to the website and track every click that happens on the platform. We give analytics a top priority and our team will give you actionable insights on the performance of your content on the website so that you can create the best strategy to move ahead.

Multiple Subscription Models & Payment System

Hosting your sports streaming channel with Muvi means you do not have to worry about anything. Muvi supports all types of monetization such as coupons, promotions, pay-per-view, subscriptions, video advertising, and lastly, you can even bring your own ad server to run ads on your content and monetize your streams.

Cost-Effective Plans

Small businesses are the big businesses of the future and hence, no client is a small client for us. Our monthly plans start at as low as $399 a month which comes with our monetization engine, 2 admin accounts, 1 terabyte of storage, and much more so that you can start your humble beginnings and build with time.

No-Code Required

The entire Muvi range of services can be deployed for your content and you will not be required to code anything at all. Muvi allows you to launch a multi-screen video or audio streaming platform with a user management system at the backend to handle users, ads, monetizations, and everything just like WordPress. Wait! We even have WordPress support for those who wish to use it.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Muvi will not just give you a website but a complete OTT streaming solution that will work on iOS, Android, Windows, etc. The apps are fully customizable enabling the admin to showcase in-app purchases, smart TV support, Chromecast, Instant payment gateways, and everything else that you expect in an OTT streaming service.

Muvi Online Store

Want to sell merchandise? With Muvi One, you can sell exclusive merchandise right from the same website or app. Everything from the backend such as SKU’s, availability, managing payments are all managed by Muvi and can be completely configured to suit your needs.

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Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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