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Importance of CDN in Building a successful OTT Platform

Ankit Jena Published on : 19 August 2022


Content Delivery Network also referred to as a content distribution network is a server that delivers content from a network location closest to a user. These servers are geographically distributed to offer fastest delivery of content. CDN allows rapid transfer of assets needed for loading internet content including images, videos, javascript files, stylesheets, images and videos. The popularity of CDN service continues to grow and today most of the online traffic is served through CDNs. Some of the renowned sites that use CDN include Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

The main objective of the CDN is to boost web performance by eliminating the time needed to send contents and rich media to the end-users. It is specifically designed to eliminate network latency due to hauling traffic over long distances and across several networks. It is vital to eliminate the latency because more dynamic content, video and software as a service are delivered to an increasing number of devices. CDNs also shield the origin server of your OTT Platform from sudden traffic rushes and cyber threats.


Why is CDN key to OTT Success?

CDN is essential for OTT success because it provides fast and efficient distribution of content globally. It efficiently delivers 4K and HD Quality Video to streaming apps and websites. Below are some key reasons to





It is the measurement of data transfer on any network during a specific time period. Using a CDN will never let streaming data delivery get blocked due to the stream of excess data from the network capacity. It eases down the load of streaming contents and eliminates the block point.


Worldwide Delivery of Content

CDNs are known for quick distribution of various servers globally, allowing content delivery from the nearest server to a user. It implies any user from the USA accessing content from Australia can receive content from a local server in the USA instead of waiting for the Australia server to load the content and deliver.


Latency Reduction

Using a CDN eliminates the round-trip time for live streams and thus in return minimizes the latency. Since the user’s request no longer has to reach the origin server, the response request round trips get shorter in distance and time and hence reduce the delays.



User request responses take some level of power of a server and multiple requests at a time make it overwhelming for a single server to handle the load. However, CDN helps distribute the workload across various servers, keeping the origin server load free and working.


CDNs for Empowering OTT Streaming

CDN is the backbone of OTT platforms in terms of latency of the streaming. It provides a rich user experience by placing remote services in several parts of the globe. CDN has empowered the OTT Platforms to deliver audio, video, animation easily with a faster loading speed and eliminating buffers issues. Let’s discuss some of the key points of how it is empowering OTT streaming.


CDN Provides Enhanced User Experience

Reducing the buffering time and increasing the speed of content delivery is one of the huge advantages that a CDN offers to the OTT industry. Irrespective of the user location, they don’t have to wait for the content to load. It ensures that OTT platforms consistently deliver content to the end users irrespective of any unexpected traffic spikes.

Another most valuable advantage of CDNs in OTT platform is that whenever a user logs into their profile, they can easily access and resume the content from where they had left. This is another point which proves CDN provides enhanced user experience to the end users of an OTT platform.


CDN Delivers Utmost Security

Advanced CDN provides several security features such as Malware protection, bot detection, and request limiting. It protects OTT platforms from Cyber threats. Even if hackers are trying to hack your platform, only the proxy server will get affected.


Enhanced performance of the Platform

Distributed proxy servers help maintain a high uptime for your streaming media platform. If the main server fails to work, the audience won’t experience any delays in streaming contents. The reinforced security features of the CDNs make sure that your OT service is accessible 24×7.  


Build Your own Customizable OTT Platform with your preferred CDN

Delivering quality content isn’t the only thing to attract and retain customers in your OTT platform. If you want to be a consistent player in the industry you need to play smartly. You must not forget to deliver a fast and seamless viewing experience to your end users. Muvi is backed with Amazon Cloudfront that ensures fastest and secured delivery of video or audio content for your streaming platform. It discovers the location of your end user and delivers content to your end user through a server closer to the user’s location. It helps reduce the latency during content delivery and boosts streaming performance of your OTT platform. Muvi allows seamless integration of your preferred CDN. Muvi can adapt and support any leading CDN for your website and application.

Muvi also supports integration of Multiple CDNs such as Akamai, Amazon Cloudfront, Cloudflare. It allows you to deliver lightning-fast content to users across geographies through cloud-based routing technology. Start a free trial to take the advantage of quick streaming service.



Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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