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Create Instant Engagement with Interactive Live Video Streaming

Amita Kumari Published on : 23 March 2022
Live video streaming


Live video streaming delivers a wide range of benefits to businesses, including but not limited to  instant engagement, churn rate, and brand credibility buildup. 

According to live streaming stats,

1- Around 80% of the live stream viewers prefer to attend live streams hosted by businesses rather than read their website blogs.

2- Around 60% of people within the 18–34 age group prefer to watch online streaming daily.

2- The live media streaming market is expected to grow to over $247 billion by 2028.

3- Twitch live streaming is considered the largest live media streaming platform with over 9 billion watch duration.

Around 60–70% of marketers are already using business live streams, while the remaining are considering using live streams for their business marketing. In this blog, we will discuss how interactive live streams act as a successful marketing strategy to drive user engagement.

Live streaming as a marketing strategy-

  • The instant impulse created by a brand by starting live media streaming to get connected with people from different places, states, and time zones in real-time is the reason why online live streaming is becoming a part of our day-to-day life. Being seen and being heard is an attribute everyone likes in an engagement, especially with an organization.
  • Be it an online church sermon streaming, a live concert, online e-learning class streaming, or a business networking live event; an interactive live stream creates instant user engagement by default. 

To leverage the maximum outcome from online live streaming, it is essential to hosting an interactive live stream.

How do interactive live streams create engagement?

The first and foremost thing businesses need to do before going live is targeted audience research. If you decide which customer group to target and what they are looking for, It will be easier to customize the content strategy and plan the live stream content accordingly. It will also help in deciding the agenda of the live stream. Live video app goes beyond scripts but, doing prior research on the things you want to discuss results in a successful live stream with the highest numbers of views, comments, poll responses, Q & A participants, etc. 


Here are the key attributes of engaging live media streams-

Interactive elements-

When a live stream includes interactive elements like- polls, Q & A, and live chats, viewers have a platform to share their queries, cast opinions, and get the best solution. By doing this, businesses automatically create brand loyalty and conversions and get the all-round engagement of the live stream viewers.

Social media live streaming advertisement –

  • When businesses promote upcoming live streaming events on social media, their social media followers become aware of the event. It gives the interested audience time to schedule their plans around the interaction and be actively available  by blocking their calendar for the event. Social promotions work very effectively towards gaining audience attention and engagement. 
  • Live streams can now be multicast by using simulcasting technology. It allows online live streaming on different social media platforms simultaneously and widens retention possibilities and views.

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Live stream recording –

There may be scenarios where the viewers wouldn’t be able to attend the live stream or were unable to recall the interaction. Hence, by recording business live streams and posting them on your website, you give your audience a second chance to rewatch the entire live session anytime as per their comfort. Of course they will miss the chance to interact live, but they will still have something.

Live stream presenters-

It is a fact that when live streams are presented by business representatives/ influencers, the streams register massive attendees. The reason for this can be that the attendees are followers of the presenters/ found the live stream valuable or they will get to engage with like-minded people (networking). Presenters act as the face of a business in that scenario, and viewers directly connect with them. It naturally creates a willingness among the attendees to know more about business products/solutions and drives website traffic and CTAs.

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How to start with your own business live stream?

For hosting an interactive live stream, businesses can take the help of live streaming solution providers like Muvi Live. 

Muvi Live’s live media streaming services are easiest to use and support a wide range of business-focused features like-

  • Lag-free live video streaming with ultra-low latency
  • Live DVR control empowers viewers to play, pause, and rewind live streams 
  • Professional lead nurturing
  • Live stream monetization through PPV and subscription plans
  • Live Analytics to track engagement
  • Auto-sync of image, slides, pdf, statistics with your live stream, etc.

Muvi Live use cases-

1- Online live streaming of zoom meetings

2- Live audio streaming 

3- Live stream on mobile using Muvi Live app

4- Live stream VOD content with “Play as Live Stream” feature

5- Stream TV channels

To know more about Muvi Live’s offerings and functionalities, take a 14-day free trial of Muvi Live CMS and host secure interactive business live streams anytime from any device.

Start your free trial now! 

Muvi-Live free trial


Written by: Amita Kumari

Amita is a content writer with Muvi marketing team. She has over 5+ years of experience in content creation and development. Passionate by heart, she likes to cook, write, sing and do yoga to pass time.

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