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Quick Guide to Monetize Stand-alone Videos

Amita Kumari Published on : 21 March 2022
Monetize stand-alone videos


When we hear the word video, the first thing that comes to our mind is entertainment. Watching videos is one of the most preferred ways of entertainment for all age groups globally. The vast collection of genres, industries, formats of video content acted as an instant mood booster for the viewers. Count  e-shopping center like Amazon to OTT giant Netflix, education hub Udemy to global news channel New York Times, video content is  the face of the business.

The dominance of the video market has influenced every video content creator to monetize stand-alone videos to  generate revenue from it. The best thing about video monetization that encourages everyone to get their hand into video production and publishing is minimal investment coupled with good ROI. The best example of a successful video marketing business is YouTube video marketing. This open to all video publishing platforms has ushered a new era of the video industry; by providing an easy-to-use video publishing platform.

Currently, the common criteria to start with video marketing is to have original, engaging, good quality, and licensed video content. The next thing to plan out is for the video content to get monetized. Video monetizion may seem easy with basic video distribution channel YouTube, but complexity comes when it is about revenue distribution as content creators do not get 100% revenue and have to share it with the  platform.

Then, is there any other way out of it?

Let’s find it out-

How to monetize stand-alone videos-

Let’s discuss three easy ways to monetize stand-alone videos-

1. Affiliate marketing- Get paid for the sales generated through your videos –

Affiliate marketing enables video creators to generate revenue by promoting other business services/products in their videos. Creators add business advertisements into their videos, and whenever any user redirects to the business website/ makes a purchase or any successful transaction, a certain pre-agreed amount of money is paid by the business to the video owner.

In affiliate marketing, a link is provided to the video creators through the affiliate program, which they need to embed into their videos or insert in the video description, websites, social media pages, etc. The sales generated from affiliate links get tracked, and accordingly, revenue is distributed.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, it is recommended to choose the product/services you want to promote which are of your niche. It creates a genuine relationship with your customers as you are not advertising something out of the interest of the audience groups. As they are interested in your niche, they will look out for the affiliate link for more information. Therefore it is one of the sure-shot ways to increase traffic to affiliate links and accelerate conversions.

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2. Digital downloads amplifies your revenue flow –

Offering digital downloads helps your audience access your content with a certain revenue exchange. To begin with,  it is always best to add value for your customers by delivering free, informative, and quality content. As time passes, they find your content valuable, and  with time your next step will be to offer premium content based on different monetization models. One can then choose from video monetization models like  SVOD- where the subscribers can access the exclusive content, PPV- viewers have to pay a single-time fee for accessing the content. You can also provide content for rent with a discount amount so that users can access the content for a fixed time by paying a small percentage of the total price of the premium video content.


3. Earn profit by owning your video streaming platform –

By owning your content, you get full revenue share, which is not possible with third-party video hosting platforms like- YouTube. Stand-alone online video platforms allow video monetization and help your audience access valuable content from the business.

It also helps your channel and you to  become industry expert in your  niche and build a unique audience base with the highest brand value. Which eventually results in customer retention along with boosting website traffic.

The only thing the content creators/distributors have to keep in mind is maintaining the regularity of content publishing. That encourages the viewers/customers to pay a regular visit to get their daily dose of information/entertainment.

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How to build your own OTT/VOD platform?

To build an enterprise-grade video streaming platform, businesses, content creators, publishers, and broadcasters can take the help of an all-in-one video streaming platform provider like, Muvi One. 

Muvi Banner

Muvi One’s Offerings-

Muvi One’s professional streaming services help you launch your own multi-device OTT and VOD streaming platforms. Muvi’s built-in 500+ features include built-in CDN, multi DRM, analytics & reports, live feed ingestion, HTML5 video player, multiple payment gateways, user-generated content, live stream recording, encoding & transcoding, geo-blocking, cloud hosting, and many more.  

Muvi not only supports video streaming services but its pioneer audio streaming services add  high value to musicians, music producers, publishers by developing audio streaming platforms loaded with advanced streaming management features.

Muvi provides end to end services for CMS management for OTT service providers, professional services for streaming platform customization, 24*7*365 end-user support service, including video monetization options like:


Coupons & promotions support-   

    • Offer discounts
    •  In-built coupon engine
    •  Unique coupon code
    •  Coupon conversion tracking
    •  Generate bulk coupons
    •   Coupon usage restriction


SVOD Supports – 

  • Custom plans
  •  Automated recurring payments
  •  Subscription plans
  •  Configure free trial
  •  Payment failure notification


PPV/TVOD supports– 

  • Buy/Rent option
  • Multiple PPV plans
  • Sell single/multi-part of video and audio content
  • Sell single/bundle of video & audio
  • PPV Categories
  • Access restriction

AVOD supports– 

  • Upload and sell Ads
  • Multiple Ad-networks integration
  •  VAST and VPAID compatible video player
  •  Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll support


Wrapping up-

In the Video- On-The- Go world, billions of videos are created and distributed every day. But the concerning thing is most of them are unable to generate revenue. Video content creators have been facing this issue for years and are still facing it. 

Although it is not rocket science but creators do need professional assistance to monetize stand-alone videos. Muvi One is your ready-to-go partner for streaming platform that provides 100 percent support in end-to-end streaming management. 

The best advantage of working with Muvi is you do not have to be technically sound to operate. Muvi’s CRM needs zero coding and is the smoothest to work with. 

To know more about, Muvi One features and services, take a 14-day free trial of Muvi CMS and experience its hassle-free functionalities to develop your stand-alone OTT/VOD platform.

Start your free trial now!

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Written by: Amita Kumari

Amita is a content writer with Muvi marketing team. She has over 5+ years of experience in content creation and development. Passionate by heart, she likes to cook, write, sing and do yoga to pass time.

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