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How to Optimize Video Metadata to increase Viewers?

Ankit Jena Published on : 21 October 2022
Video metadata


Are you looking for methods to optimize video metadata? Video metadata allows users to identify the characteristics of the file, making it simpler to search, use and manage videos. It is all about any type of data describing an individual datum content item, or a collection of data consisting of multiple content items. Understanding about video metadata is important to get traction with organic traffic.

In our previous blog we have already discussed how to set the keywords for metadata to bring on enhanced content discovery. Here, we will discuss how to optimize video metadata to increase viewers. Let’s get started…


Video metadata


What is Video Metadata?

Video metadata is nothing but the text present within the video content file that describes the video. It can include information about the entire video file or a specific video frame. It helps streaming platforms by making it easier for their end-user to search and discover the videos and quickly watch the content they prefer.

It is the information that is used to label and organize the data of a video file and thus makes it easier for the search engines to find out the content with given input from the end-user. Video metadata includes various attributes such as timestamps, video resolution, keywords, file size, genre, sub-genre, captions, audio language, ad-insertion points, color spaces, and many more.


Video Search and Web Page Search – What’s the Difference?

The web bots crawl every single page present online and determine the suitability of a page for search results based on two inputs:

  • Text contents
  • Backlinks to the webpage

However, search engines lack the ability of automatically crawling video and similarly backlinks are not appropriate for video search. And that’s why, search engines have to depend upon text data associated with a video file to crawl the video. This text is in the form of video title, video description, and video tags. Using these data search engines analyzes and finds out the video from the best results for a search query.


Tips to optimize video metadata to increase viewers  

Optimization is very vital for video creators and distributors. First position on any search engine guarantees that your video is going to be viewed many times. Hence, it is highly important to optimize video metadata for enhanced search results that in turn helps in getting increased viewers.


Video Title

Title of your video content should be precise and reflect what your audience would want to watch. You should research and find out the best keywords to get effective search results. Keyword research would help find out which one is better to rank for a competitive video category, or to rank on the initial positions for long-tail search terms.


Video Description

Video description is just the short intro of the video content to viewers and to search bots. Precise and detailed description ensures that your potential audience finds your video worth watching. Give a crisp and exact description of the video content to attract the audience, click and watch the video.


Video Tags

Tags are the categories that a particular video falls into. Tags are highly important for media players with Autoplay feature enabled. The succeeding video has to share at least one video tag with the current video being played.


Is Video Search really that much vital?

Search Engines are extremely important and are treated as the backbone of the internet. Search Engine has created the complete field of search engine optimization. For online businesses, there is an ecosphere of difference between ranking top on the first page and ranking at the bottom of the first page.

It makes sure that your users discover what they are searching for. With a small assortment of videos, you can put them all up for consumers to select for themselves. That’s where dashboards come in for help. However, search becomes gradually vital as the library of content boosts.

You can utilize meta tags to make your digital assets effortlessly discoverable and indexable on your OTT platform, as well as on search engines. With Muvi, you have broad authority over your metadata, coming with some common pre-defined metadata parameters as well as to add custom metadata information personalized to your need. Muvi allows you to create new unique metadata for specific needs. Take a free trial to know more how Muvi can help optimize video metadata to increase viewers.


video metadata

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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